Monday, March 1, 2010

$1.00/5 Kraft Mac & Cheese Printable Coupon

Cash Wise has Mac & Cheese on sale for $0.47 each this week, HERE is a coupon for $1.00/5.  That will make it $1.35 for 5 boxes, or just $0.27 each!

Thank you Trista for the link!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - February 28 - March 6

Match ups aren't abundant at Cash Wise this week; however, there are some good regular sales, like $1.88/lb fresh strawberries, $0.47 Kraft Mac & Cheese, $0.49 canned veggies and $0.99 juice.

Truckload Buys
$1.88 Mid-America Farms Top the Tater
01-24 SS    Mid American Farms Top of the Tater 12 oz    $0.50/2
Final Price: $3.26/2, that's $1.63 each

$2.88 Country Crock Spread, 45 oz tub
01-31 RP    Shedds Country Crock Spread     $0.50/1
Final Price: $2.38

Regular Flyer
2 Free Westpac Vegetables, 16 oz, wyb $25 or more of groceries

5/$19.99 Green Circle Meat Sale
Look from 16 different meat items marked with a green dot, purchase 5 (or more) of these items to qualify for the savings.  If you purchase less than 5, you will pay regular price.
Here are the items that I found coupons to matchup with:

Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees
02-07 SS    Hormel Refrigerated Entree any    $1.00/1

Various Gold'n Plump Chicken products
$0.75 printable coupon here (you should be able to print 2)
$1.00 printable coupon here (family pack)  Must print TODAY, the site says you must request it by today, it's a PDF coupon, so print as many as you'd like!  Expires 3/31

Jennie-O Ground Turkey, regular or Italian flavored
01-03 SS    Jennie O Turkey Store products any    $1.00/2

Final price will vary, but remember without a coupon you are paying $4.00 per item - depending on what you purchase that may or may not be a great bargain

If you got the Jennie-O rebate I mentioned here, this might be a great time to purchase one of the products, and stacked with a coupon, you will make a great deal after rebate.

$1.67 Lean or Hot Pockets
01-31 RP    Hot Pockets Sideshots 6.5-49.5 oz    $0.75/1 (if included?)
Final Price: $0.92

$2.50 Kellogg's Mini Wheats or Little Bites
In Flyer/Store Coupon $4.00 wyb 4
Stack with...
02-07 RP    Kelloggs Cereal 10 oz or larger    $1.00/3
$1.50/2 Printable Coupon here (you should be able to print 2)
$1.50/2 Printable Coupon here  (you should be able to print 2)
Final Price: $3.00/4, that's $0.75 each

$1.48 Progresso Soups
02-07 GM    Progresso Light Soup    $0.25/1    
02-21 SS    Progresso Light Soup    $0.25/1    
02-07 GM    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $1.00/4    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
02-21 SS    04-17    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2
Final Price: $1.23 each

Buy 3 of:
12-pack 12 oz cans, or
6 pack 24 oz bottles, or
8 pack 12 oz bottles
and get 1 12 pack 12 oz cans Diet Coke Free
In Store/Flyer Coupon
Final Price unknown

$5.88 Sparkle Paper Towels, 8 roll pkg
02-14 RP    Sparkle Paper Towels 2 Giant Rolls or larger    $0.50/1
Final Price: $5.38, that's $0.67 per roll

$5.88 Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 12 double roll pkg
02-14 RP    Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue 6 dbl roll or larger    $0.50/1
Final Price: $5.38, that's $0.45 each

$8.48 Meow Mix Cat Food, 16 lb bag
$0.75 printable coupon here
Final Price: $7.73