Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Key Food Picks

I just got back from Key Food and did pretty well with coupons and the sales.

DelMonte Canned Vegetables - 5/$4
--this does not include organic, but they do have a decent variety of low sodium/no salt added

Mount Olive Kosher Pickels - 2/$5

Near East Spanish Rice - 2/$4
$1.00/2 on coupons.com

Weight Watchers Yogurt, buy 4 get 4 free - your price is $4.76/8

Stonyfield Yogurt Smoothies - $1.00 each
$0.50/2 on stonyfield.com

Fage Total Greek Yogurt - $1.50 each
$1.00/1 on fageusa.com

Organic Valley Milk - $4.49
$1.00/half gallon on organicvalley.com

Bird's Eye Stir Fry mixes - $2/5

Weight Watchers Cheese - $2.99

Another good deal I saw, that I didn't take advantage of was Kellogg's Special K Cereal 3/$8 - I cannot find a current coupon to match-up, but still a pretty good deal!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Internet Printables

Here are a bunch of yummy internet printables I've found today, with many of these you can print 2 by using your internet back button:

BOGO Jamba Juice!  Expires 9/22 - you can print as many as you can drink!

BOGO Wholly Guacamole (must register)

$1.50 wyb both Santa Cruz Organic Peanut Butter AND applesauce (must register)

Organic Valley coupons - I believe you can print 2 of each of these per month

$1 Garden of Eatin' Chips (must register)

Honest Tea coupons (must register)

$1.00 Muir Glen tomato products (must register)

$1.00 Arrowhead Mills Product

$1.00 Fage Greek Yogurt

Stonyfield Coupons
(the yogurt cups are on sale at Key Food this week - today is the last day! 10/$6.00 - use these coupons, plus there are $0.50/32 ounce yogurts on the lids of the cups after you open them, the savings keep going!)

Amazon.com Manager's Specials - I haven't looked through these all yet, but sometimes you can get great deals on Amazon!

Well, hello there!

I'm back!

As you may recall my family and I moved halfway across the country to New York City.  Astoria (Queens) to be more exact.

I truly have not been couponing recently for a few reasons:
  1. Time.  Getting a house settled, having guests, traveling and getting to know the neighborhood has taken most of mine.  Now, 3 months later we are now settling into a routine and I am learning my local stores.
  2. No one coupons around here!  Seriously.  The grocery store across the street won't take internet printables and the other just recently started.  Sometimes they look at me like I'm crazy.
  3. Change in diet.  While we often had fresh fruit/veggies in the house, meats, and "grocery store perimeter" items, we also had a ton of boxed stuff.  I am getting my family away from this and choosing healthier items - even if they cost more and aren't on sale.  Choosing more all natural and organic items and less processed.  I wanted to get out of this rut back in MN, but had a hard time with limited choices available....and our very limited income.
So, life is settling - I know our stores, we are getting a routine and our budget worked out - and with that my couponing has once again picked up!  It's exciting to see how much I can save.  I don't get a paper here with coupons in it, but we get a little flyer with some, and I've turned to mainly internet printables.  I'm shopping the sales and planning meals around them.

What to look forward to in this blog?  I will be writing out my grocery/drug store choices each week - it will highlight some of the best sales from Key Food, Trade Fair, CVS, and the local organic store.  My budget each week is $100.  That may seem like a lot, but it's not for our area.  From those lists I will be making my meal plans.  I will also be highlighting coupons for organic and all natural food that I find.  Occasionally there might be some Target deals thrown into the mix if we adventure in that direction....it's not close to our house, so it's about a once a month excursion now.  Same with Whole Foods - they and Trader Joe's might pop up from time to time.  We'll see!

If you are interested, join me in this adventure!  Please share with me your thoughts and opinions and any deals you might find too!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Attention Cash Wise Shoppers

In case you didn't see the comment in the post below, here is another blog that does Cash Wise match-ups.  She does both online and newspaper inserts, so you get it all!  Sometimes the Hutchinson ad varies just slightly, but in general it's the same.

Check it out!

Thank you Tonia for posting it!  Such a great resource!

I posted this on my Facebook, but the strawberries at Cash Wise this week are $2, which is a great bargain already.  But what makes them even better is that they are DELISH.  Seriously good strawberries.  Yumm-o!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Family Blog

Joe and I have had a website since before we got married, but we've never been very good at updating it.  We recently decided to make it into a blog for ease.  So, if you'd like to follow along with my family's adventure to NYC you can visit us at www.joeandbrook.com

I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do with this one...we'll see what NYC brings us deal-wise!

Monday, May 10, 2010

In 5 Weeks...

We'll be living in New York City.

Hence the complete absence from my blogging.

Our house finally sold, PRAISE THE LORD!  Nearly three years on the market, lowering the price more times than I can count....ahhh, it's been a long road.

We at first were going to stay in Hutchinson....
Then we thought we'd move to Minneapolis....
All the while knowing NYC was where we would eventually end up and be our "landing spot".

Time has disappeared on us and we are just going to make that giant leap from small-town, MN to NYC.  Queens to be exact.  I am ecstatic to be moving back there!

It's a given we have just a few things going on.  We have sold much of our furniture in a recent garage sale (made over $1,000!), and have been downsizing drastically.  I've been focused on the move, attempting to still do coupons and deals, but not nearly to the capacity I once was.

I haven't decided what to do with this blog yet.  I may continue blogging about deals I find once I am in NYC, but I know life will be different...the nearest Target is just miles away; however, it's a hefty subway ride (we will not have a car)-so it won't be on my "daily errands" list anymore! :)  Plus, there are oodles of deal type sites out there already for NYC that I have stumbled across.

Maybe I'll just simply blog about using our money wisely, yet as richly, as we can in NYC.  I'm just not sure yet.

So perhaps, I will be back soon.  Perhaps it will be 5 weeks (or more) until you hear from me!  Thank you for reading.

PS. Currently at Cash Wise the Lunchables are $1.00 and if you buy a certain amount you get a $1.00 off your next shopping order Catalina.  I bought 5 Lunchables and that was enough to trigger the coupon.  Easy on the go toddler food.  Love it.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups

Hi all!  Sorry I missed last week.  I kept meaning to do it, but never go around to it.  I know I also have a couple comments to follow up on yet.  We have been busy around here with "spring cleaning" and general life stuff, internet time has been minimal and deal hunting has been even more so!

Here is what we have this week for Cash Wise.  Please let me know if I missed anything!

Try to get your hands on an actual FLYER this week, there are 3 bonus coupons that state they will NOT be in the store.

Free Food Club eggs wyb $25 worth of groceries
In Store/Flyer Coupon

4/$9 Tombstone Original or DiGiornio for One - limit 4
In Flyer Only Coupon

$0.38 Yoplait Yogurt Cups, Thick & Creamy or Light - limit 10
In Flyer Only Coupon
Stack with...
$0.40/6 3-21 SS
$0.40/6 2-7 GM
$0.50/6 Printable
Final Price: As low as $1.78/6
(Without flyer coupon they are $0.50 each)

2/$10 Pepsi, Mountain Dew or Sierra Mist, 24 packs - limit 2
In Flyer Only Coupon

$3.98 Gold'N Plump Regular Whole or Best O'Fryer, 3.5 lb packs
$0.75 Printable
Final Price: $3.23

$1.00 Birds Eye Steamfresh Vegetables, 12 oz
$1.00/3 3-7 RP
$0.35/1 2-28 SS
$0.35/1 3-21 SS
Final Price as low as: $0.65

$0.98 Betty Crocker Supermoist Cake Mix
$1.68 Betty Crocker Frosting
$0.50 Printable wyb cake mix AND frosting
Final Price:$2.16 for both

$1.68 Betty Crocker Frosting
$0.50/1 2-7 GM
Final Price: $1.18

$1.67 Betty Crocker Warm Delights
$0.50/1 2-7 GM
Final Price: $1.67

$1.68 Betty Crocker Cookie Mix
$0.40/1 2-7 GM
Final Price: $1.28

$1.00 Manwich
$1.00/4 3-14 SS
Final Price: $3.00/4
*there is a $1.00 Ground Beef coupon wyb 4 Manwich in the flyer - most likely will be in-store as well.  Unfortunately the Hutch Cash Wise no longer sells small packs of 1lb beef.  Sometimes you can find a chub, but not often.  So, you have to purchase a large pack, or a 3 lb. chub.

$4.98 Puffs 3-pack
$0.25/1 2-21 PG
$0.25/1 3-7 PG
Final Price: $4.73

Free Chinet Comfort Cup, 10 pack wyb 2 bags of Caribou Coffee, 12 oz ($6.98)
In Store/Flyer Coupon
Stack with...
$1.00/1 Caribou Printable (print 2)
$0.75/1 Chinet Comfort Cup 1-31 SS
Final Price: $11.21 for all

Free 1.5 lb Cash Wise White bread wyb 3 Starkist Tuna Salad pouches (3/$4)
In Store/Flyer Coupon
Stack with...
$1.00/2 2-21 RP
Final Price: $3.00 for all

$2.58 Pastel M&Ms
$1.00/3 3-7 RP
Final Price: $6.74/3

$2.50 Ritz or Crackerfuls
$1.00/1 1-24 SS
$1.00/1 1-10 SS (Crackerfuls)
Final Price: $1.50

$16.33 Luvs Diapers (80-100 count)
$1.00/1 3-7 PG
Final Price: $15.33

$1.62 Keebler Fudge Stripe Cookies
$0.55/2 3-7 RP
Final Price: $2.69/2

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rave: Opinion Outpost

Joe and I have been cutting the budget in every corner we can.  After I quit my job we cut our budget by $200 per month...and we were just cut it again - $180 this time - and we are selling our timeshare that we purchased while I was still working.  Sigh.  But we need that monthly money...as you may or may not know, we are attempting to sell our house in this crazy economy.  We have it in our hearts to move back to New York City.  We gotta save every penny we can so we can keep the price on the house low.  We are still hoping we are able to swing a vacation of some-sort this year, but as time goes on and numbers are crunched and re-crunched, it's becoming painfully obvious it just might not happen.  However, at this point selling the house has the ultimate priority.

Anyway, we now have almost $400 less per month to spend on needs/wants than what we did when I was working.  Thankfully do to my careful couponing and planning, and both of us just making better choices, we are doing quite well even with the smaller budget.  God is good and faithful!!

I have also picked up the pace on attempting to earn any sort of extra cash while at home.  We are going to have a HUGE garage sale; selling some things on eBay; books, movies and CDs on half.com; and doing all sorts of survey/point earning sites from my computer at home.

I belong to quite a few reward type sites and I just have to rave about Opinion Outpost.  It is a survey site, in general I don't like these because they take too much time for surveys I end up not qualifying for-and when I do qualify I get less than a buck.  It just irks me.  However...with Opinion Outpost there are still many surveys I don't qualify for...but when I do...the payout is NICE.  So far I have qualified for 3 surveys and have already earned $8.80.  That's almost $3 per survey!  That payout is larger than any other I have been part of/heard.  I am LOVING it!  Plus you can request a check for CASH or an Amazon gift card at $5.00 or above!  It's an excellent, excellent program!!

So, if you are wanting to earn a bit of extra money on the side - I highly recommend Opinion Outpost.  If you click through my blog I will earn an extra $2.00 per referral and I thank you tremendously in advance for supporting my family!  And even if you don't want to use my referral link, go join - you'll like it! :)

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - March 7 - March 13

A fairly decent week...I know I have a few random coupons I have printed in the past or picked up along the way that match-up with things - such as the Lean Cuisine meals...so be sure to check your stash on some of the other deals.  My favorite buy of the week is the $0.38 Food Club yogurt - I really like their yogurt and eat it every day!  I also like the $1.18 Dole Coleslaw.  I picked up some cheap Vidalia Onion salad dressing last week (with the at-home mailer coupons) and will use it with this coleslaw mix for a great side dish (thanks to my mother-in-law for the tip on that dressing!)

Truckload Buys
$2.88 Country Crock spread
03-07 RP    Shedds Country Crock Spread     $0.50/1
Final Price: $2.38

$1.98 Cole's Garlic Bread
$0.50 printable coupon
Final Price: $1.38

Regular Ad
Free Roma frozen pizza wyb $25 worth of groceries

$1.68 Prego Pasta Sauce, all varities
02-07 SS    Prego Heart Smart Italian Sauce any    $0.50/2
Final Price: $2.86/2, that's $1.43 each

BOGO Gold'N Plump Chicken Fryer
In-Store Coupon
stack with...
$0.75 printable coupon

$2.98 Tropicana Orange Juice, 64 oz

02-21 RP    Tropicana Pure Premium or Trop 50 59 oz or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price: $4.96/2, that's $2.48 each

$1.88 Toaster Strudels
$0.55/2 printable coupon
$0.55/2 printable coupon
$0.55/2 printable coupon
$0.55/2 printable coupon
03-07 SS    Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries     $0.55/2    
01-03 GM    Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries    $0.55/2    
02-07 GM    Pillsbury Toaster Strudel pastries    $0.55/2
Final Price: $3.21/2, that's $1.61 each

$4.00 Freschetta Pizza
$1.00 printable coupon
$1.00 printable coupon
03-07 SS    Freschetta Multi or Single Serve Pizza    $1.00/1
Final Price: $3.00

$4.00 Red Baron Classic Pizza
01-17 SS    Red Baron Singles Pizza product    $0.75/1    
01-31 SS    Red Baron Multli Serve Pizza    $1.00/2
Final Price as low as: $3.25

$2.34 General Mills Cheerio Cereal
$0.55 printable coupon (chocolate cheerios)
$0.55 printable coupon (chocolate cheerios)
02-21 SS    General Mills Chocolate Cheerios Cereal any    $0.50/1    
02-07 GM    General Mills Cereals any three listed    $1.00/3    
03-07 SS    General Mills Cereals any two listed    $1.00/2    
02-21 S1    04-03    General Mills Cereals any two    $1.00/2
Final Price as low as: $1.79

$2.00 Kellogg's Cereals, Cocoa Krispies, Smorz, Corn Flakes, Honey Smacks, Rice Krispies, Fun-Pak, Jumbo Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Fruit Loops, Frosted Flakes, Raisin Bran, Raisin Bran Crunch
$1.50/2 printable coupon
$1.00/2 printable coupon
03-07 RP    Kelloggs Apple Jacks, Froot Loops or Corn Pops 10 oz or larger    $1.00/2    
02-07 RP    Kelloggs Cereal 10 oz or larger    $1.00/3    
03-07 RP    Kelloggs All Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats or Raisin Bran 11.4 oz or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price as low as: $2.00/2, that's $1.25 each

$2.50 Nutrigrain Bars
02-07 RP    04-04    Kelloggs Nutrigrain Cereal Bars 8 ct or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price: $4.00/2, that's $2.00 each

$0.75 Betty Crocker Pouch Potatoes
$0.40 printable coupon
$0.40 printable coupon
$0.40 printable coupon
$0.40 printable coupon
$0.40 printable coupon
Final Price: $0.35

$0.60 S&W Beans, Chili, Kidney or Black
02-21 RP    S&W Beans can    $0.50/2
Final Price: $0.70/2, that's $0.35 each

Ken's Salad Dressing
BOGO with In-Store Coupon
Stack with...
03-07 SS    Kens salad dressing 16 oz. or Lite Accents any    $1.00/1
Final Price unknown

$10.98 Tide Laundry Detergent, 100 oz
02-07 PG    Tide Deterent any size    $0.35/1    
03-07 PG    Tide Deterent any size    $1.00/1    
02-07 PG    Buy any 75 oz or larger and get a FREE Tide Stain Release 10ct-18ct Duo Pac, 20-36oz liquid, 14-26 oz powder
Final Price as low as: $9.98

$4.98 Bounce Fabric Softener, 120 sheets
03-07 PG    Bounce Dryer Sheets any size    $0.25/1
Final Price: $4.73

Monday, March 1, 2010

$1.00/5 Kraft Mac & Cheese Printable Coupon

Cash Wise has Mac & Cheese on sale for $0.47 each this week, HERE is a coupon for $1.00/5.  That will make it $1.35 for 5 boxes, or just $0.27 each!

Thank you Trista for the link!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - February 28 - March 6

Match ups aren't abundant at Cash Wise this week; however, there are some good regular sales, like $1.88/lb fresh strawberries, $0.47 Kraft Mac & Cheese, $0.49 canned veggies and $0.99 juice.

Truckload Buys
$1.88 Mid-America Farms Top the Tater
01-24 SS    Mid American Farms Top of the Tater 12 oz    $0.50/2
Final Price: $3.26/2, that's $1.63 each

$2.88 Country Crock Spread, 45 oz tub
01-31 RP    Shedds Country Crock Spread     $0.50/1
Final Price: $2.38

Regular Flyer
2 Free Westpac Vegetables, 16 oz, wyb $25 or more of groceries

5/$19.99 Green Circle Meat Sale
Look from 16 different meat items marked with a green dot, purchase 5 (or more) of these items to qualify for the savings.  If you purchase less than 5, you will pay regular price.
Here are the items that I found coupons to matchup with:

Hormel Fully Cooked Entrees
02-07 SS    Hormel Refrigerated Entree any    $1.00/1

Various Gold'n Plump Chicken products
$0.75 printable coupon here (you should be able to print 2)
$1.00 printable coupon here (family pack)  Must print TODAY, the site says you must request it by today, it's a PDF coupon, so print as many as you'd like!  Expires 3/31

Jennie-O Ground Turkey, regular or Italian flavored
01-03 SS    Jennie O Turkey Store products any    $1.00/2

Final price will vary, but remember without a coupon you are paying $4.00 per item - depending on what you purchase that may or may not be a great bargain

If you got the Jennie-O rebate I mentioned here, this might be a great time to purchase one of the products, and stacked with a coupon, you will make a great deal after rebate.

$1.67 Lean or Hot Pockets
01-31 RP    Hot Pockets Sideshots 6.5-49.5 oz    $0.75/1 (if included?)
Final Price: $0.92

$2.50 Kellogg's Mini Wheats or Little Bites
In Flyer/Store Coupon $4.00 wyb 4
Stack with...
02-07 RP    Kelloggs Cereal 10 oz or larger    $1.00/3
$1.50/2 Printable Coupon here (you should be able to print 2)
$1.50/2 Printable Coupon here  (you should be able to print 2)
Final Price: $3.00/4, that's $0.75 each

$1.48 Progresso Soups
02-07 GM    Progresso Light Soup    $0.25/1    
02-21 SS    Progresso Light Soup    $0.25/1    
02-07 GM    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $1.00/4    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
02-21 SS    04-17    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2
Final Price: $1.23 each

Buy 3 of:
12-pack 12 oz cans, or
6 pack 24 oz bottles, or
8 pack 12 oz bottles
and get 1 12 pack 12 oz cans Diet Coke Free
In Store/Flyer Coupon
Final Price unknown

$5.88 Sparkle Paper Towels, 8 roll pkg
02-14 RP    Sparkle Paper Towels 2 Giant Rolls or larger    $0.50/1
Final Price: $5.38, that's $0.67 per roll

$5.88 Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 12 double roll pkg
02-14 RP    Angel Soft Bathroom Tissue 6 dbl roll or larger    $0.50/1
Final Price: $5.38, that's $0.45 each

$8.48 Meow Mix Cat Food, 16 lb bag
$0.75 printable coupon here
Final Price: $7.73

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Today's Shopper - great coupons!

Make sure to page through today's Shopper! 

Within the inserts is a Shopper Savings Coupons for March with tons of local coupons.

Also, inside the paper itself you will find a 50% off coupon (good for up to 2 items) and a Buy 1 Get 1 50% off coupon for A Great $ale Discount Shop located in the Hutchinson Mall.  This store already has discounted items that were purchased on overstock, and to get another 50% off will surely be a WONDER of a deal!

Also inside the newspaper you will find a coupon for a $16.95 oil change from Pro Auto!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get $5.00 Rebate from Jennie-O

Buy any Jennie-O Turkey Store product and get a $5.00 rebate to the first 25,000 to register at their site.  

Create the account, go to the Homepage, login, choose the Coupons & Offers tab and print!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$0.50/1 Elmer's GoPaint

Click HERE for a $0.50/1 Elmer's GoPaint item

Monday, February 22, 2010

Free Johnson's Buddy Bar Soap at Target or Wal*Mart

Target and Wal*Mart both sell Johnson's Buddy Bar soap (found in the baby aisle at Target) for less than $1.00.  Over on smartsource.com there is a coupon right now for $1.00/1 - so that means FREE!

New Target Coupons

There are a bunch of new coupons over on Target.com!  Here is what I just printed-and they are all Target coupons which means you can stack them!:
  • $1.00/2 Oscar Mayer bacon
  • $1.00/2 Kraft EZ Mac cups
  • $1.00/2 Teddy Grahams
  • $1.00 Nabisco LU cookies (never heard of these, new product perhaps-which often means coupons and sales)
  • $1.00/2 Crystal Light (get the single size for cheap/free!)
  • $1.00/2 Kraft Cheese singles or deli slices
  • $1.00/2 Oscar Mayer lunchmeat
  • $1.00 DiGiorno frozen pizza (can stack w/ 1-24 SS)
  • $1.00 Kraft Cheese shredded or block (can stack with printable or 1/24 SS)
  • $1.00/2 Ritz crackers
  • $1.00/2 Wheat Thins or Triscuits (stack w/ 1-24 SS)
  • $1.00/2 Chips Ahoy
  • $1.00/2 Oreo
  • $1.00/2 Nabisco 100 Calorie Pack snacks
I will be working on some Target matchups from the ad later today and will post tonight!

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - February 21 - February 27

 Hello all!  Here are the matchups I found for this week at Cash Wise.  Looks like a good week for General Mills Cereals at $1.00 per box and less than a buck laundry detergent!

Free Capri Sun, 10 count, wyb $25 more of groceries.  This is now supposed to be $25 POST- coupons; however, most cashiers don't take notice.
In Store/Flyer Coupon

$2.50 General Mills Cereals, Chocolate Chex, Cinnamon Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Kix, Resse's Puffs, Cocoa Puffs, Cocoa Puffs Combos, Cinnamon Toast Crunch
$4.00 in Store/Flyer Coupon wyb 4 items (also included is Fruit Snacks below)
Stack with...
02-07 GM    General Mills Cereals any three listed    $1.00/3
02-21 SS    Rice Chex, Corn Chex, Wheat Chex, Honey Nut Chex, Chocolate Chex, Multi Bran Chex, Chocolate Chex, Strawberry Chex or Cinnamon Chex    $0.75/1
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon
Final Price will vary, $4.00 for 4 boxes with the printables, or $1.00 each

$2.50 Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks
$4.00 in Store/Flyer Coupon wyb 4 items (also included is cereal above)
Stack with...
01-03 GM    Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes, Fruit by the Foot, Fruit Gushers or Fruit Roll Up Fruit Stickerz Fruit Flavored Snacks      $0.50/2
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
$0.50/2 Printable Coupon
Final Price: $5.00/4, that's $1.25 each

$6.98 Gold'N Plump Split Chicken Breast, 2.375 lb Family Pack Boneless/Skinless
$0.75 Printable Coupon
Final Price: $6.23

BOGO Farmland Pork Sirloin Tip Roast
In-Store Coupon

$1.00 Oscar Mayer Lunchables, Basic or Dessert
$0.75 Printable Coupon
Final Price: $0.25

$3.00 Hillshire Farm Lunchmeat Tubs
02-14 RP    Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices Lunchmeat     $0.35/1
Final Price: $2.65

$2.68 Kellogg's Special K or Heart Smart Cereals
02-07 RP    Kelloggs Cereal 10 oz or larger    $1.00/3
Final Price: $7.04/3, that's $2.35 each

$2.50 Nabisco Crackers or Chips Ahoy Cookies
01-24 SS    Nabisco Crackers 6 -16.5 oz    $1.00/1    
01-10 SS    Nabisco Ritz Crackerfuls Sandwich Crackers 6 oz any variety    $1.00/1  (if included)
Final Price: $1.50

$1.88 Purex Laundry Detergent, 50 oz
02-21 RP    Purex Liquid Laundry Detergent 100 oz or smaller or Complete 3in1 Sheets 64 ld or smaller BOGO
Final Price: $1.88/2 that's $0.94 each

$6.88 Charmin Bath Tissue, 12 Big Roll
02-07 PG    Charmin product, any    $0.25/1
Final Price: $6.63

$10.98 Bounty Paper Towels, 8 Giant Roll
02-07 PG    Bounty Paper Towels or napkins any    $0.25/1
Final Price: $10.73

$17.98 Purina Dog Chow
I am not certain which Dog Chow varities are included, however there are 2 coupons in the 02-07 Red Plum for Purina Dog Chow

**If you print any coupons from Coupons.com through a link on this blog, I will receive a small commission.  I thank you for your support!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Free bottle of Excedrin

Get a free bottle of Excedrin by going HERE and answering the question.  Do NOT choose Excedrin for your answer and you will then fill in your mailing info and get a coupon for a FREE bottle of Excedrin up to a $5.99 value mailed to you!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Free Taco from Taco Bell

Free Fresco Taco from Taco Bell, click HERE for the printable coupon!

BOGO Value Basket when you join Culvers eClub

Click HERE to join the Culvers eClub. Just for signing up you will recieve a coupon good for a BOGO value basket!

Kraft First Taste

Have you heard of and joined Kraft First Taste?  This program allows its members to try new products from Kraft and then rate and comment on them.  I just joined the other day and will be getting a coupon for a free box of Oreo Cakesters in the mail.  Hubby will be thrilled!  Free food, can't go wrong here!

Click HERE to join.

Thanks to Trista for the info on this one!

$1.00/1 Cheerios

$1.00/1 Cheerios...the original, yellow box!  Click HERE to print, be sure to hit back to print 2!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Get a $100 Coupon Booklet wyb $50 worth of P&G items

Between February 1 and April 15, keep track of your receipts!  If you spend $50 on Proctor & Gamble items, be sure to request the $50 coupon booklet HERE.

As you may know MANY normal household items are P&G, so you may be buying more items than you think.  Plus there are coupons available for their products, and sales continuously!  $50 can add up very quickly!

HERE is a complete list of P&G products

Free Kids Card from Hallmark

Through March 14th you can stop by your local Hallmark and get a FREE Kids Card.  No coupon necessary!  These cards are good for all sorts of occasions for children....things like peer pressure, smart decisions, mean kids, don't worry, good luck and more.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A few great deals out on Coupons.com

Over at Coupons.com there are a few new printables that will score you some truly great deals!
  • $2.00 on Malt-O-Meal Cereals, only good at Wal*Mart.  I am not certain of the price at Wal*Mart, but I know at Cash Wise they hover around $5.00 for a big bag.
  • $0.75 on a Lunchable, without drink.  These are OFTEN found for $1.00 or less!
  • $1.50 on 2 Kellogg's Cereals.  Pair this with a sale and you've probably got a BOGO or better.
  • $2.00 on 2 Kotex Pads.  This is for ANY size.  Grab the less than $1.00 liners from the travel section at Target and you've got 2 for free
*If you print any coupons from Coupons.com through a link on this website, I will earn a small commission.   My family and I thank you for your support!

$1.00/1 LipSmackers

I remember having a Dr. Pepper flavored LipSmacker when I was probably about 12 years old.  I thought it was awesome and that I was fancy!  LOL

Click HERE for a $1.00 coupon off 1, should make it pretty cheap!  Remember to click "back" on your internet browser to print 2.

Free Sample of UnderJams

Go HERE to request your free sample of UnderJams

$15 Rebate wyb 3 Olay Items

Purchase 3 Olay items and get $15 by Mail-in-Rebate

Any 3 Facial Moisturizers, Facial Treatments, Facial Cleansers, Hand & Body Lotions, Body Washes or 6+ Bar Soap Packs

Must be purchased between 2/12/2010 and 3/12/2010.

*I know the body wash is just over $5.00 when not on sale at Target.  This does say ANY...scope the travel sizes and the clearance end-caps for a bargain.
* HERE is the form to fill out and mail in.

Here are coupon matchups:

02-07 PG    Buy a Gillette Venus Embrace or Venus Breeze Razor, get a FREE Olay Body Wash
01-17 PG    Olay Body Wash, Bar or In Shower Body Lotion (excludes trial size)     $1.00/1    
01-17 PG    Olay Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser except trial size    $1.00/1    
02-14 RP    Olay Facial Moisturizer, Facial Cleanser, Body Wash, In Shower Lotion, Bar Soap or Hand & Body Lotion except 30 ml size    $1.00/1    
01-17 PG    Olay Hand or Body Lotion (except trial size)    $2.00/1    
02-07 PG    Olay Pro X product, with purchase get a FREE Olay Quench Body Lotion      
02-07 PG    Olay Regenerist Facial Moisturizer     $3.00/1    
01-17 PG    Olay Regenerist or Definity Facial Moisturizer or Cleanser--except trial size    $3.00/1

Thank you Trista for the link on the rebate form!

$2.00 Land-O-Frost Printable Coupon

Land-O-Frost is a brand of lunch meat that Cash Wise carries, and I have seen it on sale/a BOGO offer every once in a while.  Click HERE to print a $2.00 coupon...you should be able to print 2!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Target Clearance Items

At the Hutchinson Target there are a bunch of items on clearance in the back corner where the seasonal items usually are.  You'll find TONS of Valentine's items for 50% off along with some basic clothing - t-shirts, sweat shirts, underwear, flip flops and socks for 75% off.  I was able to snag quite a few basic t-shirts for my little man for $0.75 each!

Free Sample of Tide Laundry Soap

Tide has 2 new lines of laundry soap, go HERE to request your free sample of one!

Free Sample of Aveeno Hair Care

Go HERE to request your free sample of Aveeno Hair Care

Free Poise Pads

Go HERE and request your free Sample kit from Poise

Target Deals this week

Henry is still battling being sick, so my life has been a tad on the disorganized side lately.  I have been to Target twice, yet haven't done a serious list of the deals - or looked at one online!  However, between the two trips I have scoped out a few things.

Glade Scented Oil Candles are 3/$5, that is $1.66 each.
Some of the tins have $1.50 coupons in them, the lid comes right off. OR check your stash, there have been tons of these coupons in the past - you might have something.  I was able to score 3 tins and a glass candle holder from the Scented Oil line (on clearance for $2.04) for a total of $2.04 due to coupons I had.  Trista has also emailed me saying the Glade Plug-Ins are included on this, use the various coupons from the January 24th Smart Source insert.

Kellogg's items on sale for $2.50 or less, buy 5 get a $5 gift card.  I saw Pop Tarts, NutirGrain Bars and Special K items.
02-07 RP    Kelloggs Nutrigrain Cereal Bars 8 ct or larger    $1.00/2    
01-03 RP    Kelloggs Special K Cereal Bars, Fruit Crisps or Bliss Bars 5 ct or larger    $1.00/2    
01-10 RP    Kelloggs Special K Products     TARGET COUPON ONLY    $1.00/2

Keebler items on sale for $2.50 or less, buy 5 get a $5 gift card.  I saw Sunshine Cheez-It Crackers and Keebler Cookies.
01-10 RP    Keebler or Sunshine 100 Calorie Right Bites 6 ct or larger    $0.75/1

Huggies Diapers, $16.99.  This includes the Pure & Natural line which often has higher value coupons.
There isn't anything currently out there, but check your stash because there have been recent Target.com coupons that you could have printed, along with other printables.

Speaking from experience, the two gift card deals CANNOT be mixed.  I didn't realize it was 2 separate things, I had Right Bites, Special K Fruit Crisps and Pop Tarts.  Had to return it all, deal with the coupons, etc. with a 2 year old asking me "What are you doing?" 829 times in 5 minutes. :)

Monday, February 15, 2010

$0.50 Toliet Paper at Cash Wise

Cash Wise has Macal Small Steps 4 pack of toilet paper on clearance for $2.50.  Use the $2.00 January 31st Smart Source coupon with this deal, and get 4 rolls for just $0.50!

Thanks for the info Trista!

More Game Coupons

I noticed the game coupons were pulled off Coupons.com; however, I got an email from Trista with the coupons also being available HERE

You do not need to register for the site, and you should be able to print 2 more of each!  This includes the $5.00 off Picuterka! card game, so you can get it for $0.24 at Target.  I did this, and even had a manager as my cashier - she honored it because the coupon does not specify.

There are some other good ones on there, like BOGO My Little Pony, $10 off the Tonka Bounce Back Racer and more.

Thanks Trista!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - February 14 - February 20

This week Cash Wise has their "Lenten Specials," so we see lots of fish products on sale.  Overall the ad is a bit lacking in my opinion!  But, here are the deals I did find.  Please let me know if you find anything I didn't.

Free Cremette Eggo Noodles, 16 oz bag and Free Food Club Tuna in Water, 5 oz can chunk light wyb $25 worth of groceries
In Store/Flyer Coupons

$1.48 Post Cereals, 20 oz Raisin Bran, 11 oz Alpha Bits, or 14.75 oz Super Golden Crisp
01-17 SS    Post Cereal Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat or Raisin Bran 10 oz or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price: $1.96 for 2, that's $0.98 each

2/$10.00 Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite
In Store/Flyer Coupon

$5.98 Gold'N Plump Split Chicken Breast, 3.5 lb Family Pack
$0.75 Printable Coupon here
Final Price: $5.23, that's about $1.49 per pound.

$4.88 SeaPak Breaded Shrip or Entrees, 8-28 oz
02-07 SS    SeaPak Product    $1.00/1
Final Price: $3.88

BOGO Gorton's Breaded Fish Fillets, 17.3-24.5 oz
In Store Coupon
Stack with....
01-24 SS    Gortons item any    $0.40/1
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon here
Final Price is unknown
*Be sure to give the manufacturer coupon BEFORE the BOGO store coupon.

$2.88 Kemps Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
01-24 SS    Kemps Cottage Cheese 16 oz or larger    $0.50/2
Final Price: $5.26 for 2, that's $2.63 each

4/$11.00 ($2.75 each) Jack's Original Pizzas, 15-19.75 oz
01-24 SS    Jacks Original Pizza    $0.40/1
Final Price: $2.35

$3.28 Welch's Grape Juice, 64 oz
02-07 SS    Welchs 100% Grape Juice or 100% Grape Juice Blend any 64 or 96 oz    $1.00/1    
Not sure if the next two are included, but just in case....
12-13 SS    Welchs 64 oz. refrigerated fruit Juices or Juice cocktails any flavor    $1.00/1    
02-07 SS    Welchs Light Juice Beverage 64 oz    $1.00/1
Final Price: $2.28

$8.48 Scott Bath Tissue, 12 double roll package
01-17 SS    Scott Extra Soft bath tissue 8 or more rolls    $1.00/1
Final Price: $7.48, that's about $0.62 per roll

$5.48 Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 38-45 count
I am not entirely certain if the "bags" in this coupon includes the kitchen bags or if it's more specific:
11-08 RP    Glad Containers, Bags, Cling Wrap or Press N Seal    $1.50/3
Final Price:  $14.94 for 3, that's $4.98 each.  This does not seem like a great deal when you can get a package that is double the size for just a buck or two more over at Target or Wal*Mart....

$1.00 Del Monte Fruit Naturals, 8 oz cups
$1.00/4 Printable Coupon here
Final Price: $3.00 for 4, that's $0.75 each
*I haven't printed this coupon yet, I'm out of paper!  Eeek!  It just says "Del Monte Brand Product", so the coupon itself may be more specific???  I apologize in advance if it does not qualify with the cups on sale!

3/$8.88 Coke, Sprite or Diet Coke, 12 pk cans, 6 pk 24 oz bottles, or 8 pk 12 oz bottles
In Store/Flyer coupon

Buy 10 32 oz bottles of Powerade Ion4 or Powerade Zero Ion4, and get 5 free
In Flyer Coupon
The price per bottle is not listed, this is a manufacturer coupon and does not show "Cash Wise" on it, so you could use it elsewhere I would imagine.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Printable Coupon for MultiGrain Cheerios

Okay....brain fart.

I got this coupon for Multi-Grain Cheerios in my inbox, yet I couldn't tell ya how much is for since I deleted the email already....I *think* either $0.55 or $1.00.  I haven't printed it yet since my printer has issues...to put it nicely.

Click HERE to print it!  And yep, you should be able to print 2.

Another Great Coupon Site

I have known about Box Tops 4 Eduction's website for a while, but due to time that I have to work on all this deal hunting, I have just been putting off joining and exploring the site.  However, the $10 coupon book got me to register for it real quick....and what came with that was an email about their online coupons!

Be sure to register for the coupon book and then login to view their online coupons - there are some that match up to current deals at Cash Wise, Econo, Target!  Fiber One Bars, General Mills cereal, Hamburger Helper, Chex Mix and more.

And don't forget after you buy the product to collect the Box Tops for your local schools!  The money really does add up!

I'm also going to add this coupon site to my links on the right.

$1/5 Smart Ones Entrees

Click HERE for a coupon for $1 off 5 Smart One's Entrees.  I haven't printed this one yet, but in the past these were also good on their "hello-my-lovely" desserts as well.  I recommend the peanut butter cup one.  Drool.  They are often on sale at Target.

Be sure to hit "back" on your computer so you can buy 10 and truly pig out!  But not feel too guilty doing it. :)

REMINDER: Wal*Mart's Littlest Pet Shop Parade Today!

Today from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm the Hutchinson Wal*Mart will be having a "Littlest Pet Shop Parade"!

A parade will be held around the store every 10-20 minutes where fans of the Littlest Pet Shop can line up and parade around the store.

There will be special products available for purchase, free giveaways, stickers and more!

Sounds like a very cute and fun event if you have a fan in your family.  There is no cost for this.

Click HERE to visit Wal*Mart's page which includes more details.

Friday, February 12, 2010

$10 Any Pizza, Any Size and $0.50 wings at Pizza Hut

Right now at Pizza Hut $10 gets you the pizza you want....any crust, any size, any toppings...including "Lover's" pizzas.

Sounds like a cheap dinner!

It does note that Stuffed Crust is extra (though, in the past we haven't been charged extra 9 times out of 10), and "no double toppings".

And, every Wednesday is "Wings Wednesday."  $0.50 for each wing.  Every wing, every flavor, every Wednesday.

Cheap, cheap, cheap Oatmeal at Target, ends tomorrow!

Thanks goes to Trista for the heads-up on this one!

At Target this week various Quaker items are "Buy 5, get a $5 gift card".  I had been reading that many Target's included their Instant Oatmeal cups (pictured above) with this deal; however, when I was at the Hutchinson Target they did not have a sign next to the oatmeal cups there...I thought they were not included.  Bummer!

After some email correspondence, new reader (and deal hunting friend!) Trista let me in on a secret.  When you scan an item at one of the price checker deals in the aisle, it will tell you if it's included in the $5 gift card deal.  Regardless if there is a sign or not....turns out the Brown Sugar flavor IS included (but not the Cinnamon Roll flavor...why?  I couldn't tell ya!).  Again, there is NO sign, but they do ring as part of the gift card deal!

The nitty gritty.  They are $1.02 each.  You pay $5.10 and get a $5.00 gift card back.  That's like paying just $0.10 total, or $0.02 each!


Printable Coupons for Newman's Own products

Click HERE for some coupons for Newman's Own products....pizza, cereal and more!

KFC Printable Coupons

Click HERE for some KFC coupons:
  • $4.49 for a 3 strip meal
  • $4.00 for a 2 piece box
  • $3.00 off a 12 piece meal
  • and more!

Free Jewelry....too good to be true???

I just heard about this site, FreeJewelry.com  You just pay $5.99 for shipping and handling for each piece.  So not truly free, because you KNOW it doesn't cost $5.99 to ship a pair of earrings! :)

I haven't tried this site yet, but I think I think I might should I find something on there I really like.  I wonder about the quality...there are a bunch of "testimonials" on the site, but still....makes ya wonder how good this stuff really is.

Well, Friday is payday in this household, so perhaps next week I'll take a gamble.  I'll report back on my experience!

Over at coupons.com you will find this My Little Pony BOGO coupon.  An excellent item to give on Valentine's Day or for Easter Baskets!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Free Bowling Coupons

Click HERE for some coupons good for a free game of bowling (shoe rental not included), good at an Brunswick Bowling Alley.  The coupons are valid from 2/14 - 2/28.

Hutchinson's alley is NOT a Brunswick, Minnesota has four locations:

  • Blaine
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Eden Prairie
  • Lakeville
I know whenever we go to the Cities we like to do a fun activity that won't break the bank, so I thought I'd share this in case you do too!!

$1.00 Organic Valley Coupons

Click HERE for a bunch of coupons on Organic Valley products.

$1.00 off:
  • milk
  • cheese
  • heavy whipping cream
  • butter
  • soy milk
  • eggs
  • sour cream
  • cream cheese

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

20% off your entire purchase JoAnn Fabrics coupon

What a great coupon!  20% off your ENTIRE purchase at JoAnn Fabrics, including sale items!  Coupon is good through 2-26.  Click HERE to print!

Cambell's Printable Coupons

Click HERE for a variety of Campbell's coupons.  $1.50/3 soups, $1.00 on V-8 Fusion, $0.55 on Pepperidge Farm bread and more.

Valentine's Day in Hutchinson, MN

Here are some deals and events happening around town this Valentine's Day....
  • $7.99 Large Heart Shaped Pepperoni Pizza at Papa Murphy's.  No coupon, no limit.  Available now through Valentine's Day.
  • $12.95 Prime Rib Sweetheart Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 13 5:30-8:30 at the Elk's.
  • The Hair Lounge is having some great deals on spa services, $30 to $55
  • The American Legion is hosting a Valentine's Day Dinner on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 5:30-8:30, prices range from $12.50 to $14.50 depending on entree.  A band will play from 9:00 pm to close.
  • Prime Rib, Seafood and Stuffed Chicken dinners on Saturday, Feb. 13 at McCormick's. 4 pm - close.
  • Pot Roast, Seafood and Stuffed Pork Chop dinners on Sunday, Feb. 14 at McCormick's.  11 am - close.
  • $13.95 Steak and Shrimp Dinner at Bonfire Bar & Grille on Snday, Feb. 14, all day.
  • Lang's Meat Market has specials this week on Filet Mignon, $8.99/lb. and Lobster Tail, $13.90 to $25.90.
  • $26.95 dinner for 2 on Saturday, Feb. 13 from 5:30 pm at the VFW.
  • $7.99 Medium Super Cheesy pizza ($2 more for a large) at Godfather's Pizza.
  • $7.99 Medium Heart Shaped, up to 3 topping, pizza at Godfather's Pizza.
  • Country Kitchen, Feb. 12-14 Choice of 2 entrees (from a set list), including a beverage and one dessert for $24.99.
Did you hear about another deal going on for the holiday?  Please let me know!

Hutchinson Printable Coupons

Be sure to check out MyGr8Deal.com for various printable coupons for local businesses!  Right now you can save $3.00 on your bill at Country Kitchen, get a $16.95 oil change at Pro Auto, $5.00 off your bill at Squeaky's and more.

The coupons come out weekly and you can sign up for their email feed if that is easier than checking back to the site weekly.

$0.55 printable coupon for Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Click HERE for a $0.55 off Philadelphia Cream Cheese.  Be sure to hit back to print 2!

Healthy Choice Printable Coupons

Click HERE for 2 Healthy Choice printable coupons:

$5.00/2 Family Size Pizzas at Papa Murphy's

Click HERE to print a coupon good for $5.00 off any 2 Family Size pizzas

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Sample of Kotex

A generous free sample of Kotex can be found HERE.  In the past these have always come with coupons too!

Thanks to Carrie for the link!

Free Full Size Sample of Aveeno Skin Care Stress Relief Body Lotion

Click HERE to request your full size sample of Aveeno Skin Care Stress Relief Body Lotion.  I'm expecting this one to disappear very quickly being it is a FULL size freebie!

I just tried and the page errored on me...and Henry has woken up as well - hopefully it will work for you!

ETA: A.Mickey notified me that when you get the error page, just hit "refresh" on your internet browser again and again until it goes through.  I had to do mine about 15 times.

Econo Coupon Matchups - February 7 - Februray 13

 Thank you for your patience on this! :)  Henry is taking a marathon nap, so I was finally able to sit down and get this done!

Buy 10 participating General Mills items and save $3.00, in flyer coupon.

Participating items are:
8.9 oz Cheerios: $1.99
12.8 oz Cinnamon Toast Crunch: $1.99
10.7 oz Trix: $1.99
12 oz Golden Grahams: $1.99
10.9 oz Wheaties: $1.99
Stack with...
02-07 GM    General Mills Cereals any three listed    $1.00/3    
01-03 GM    General Mills Cereals any three listed    $1.00/3

Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper: $0.99
Stack with...
01-03 SS    Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper , Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper    $0.75/3     
02-07 SS    Betty Crocker Hamburger Helper , Tuna Helper or Chicken Helper    $0.75/3

Betty Crocker Super Moist Cake Mix or Brownie Mix: $0.99
Stack with...
02-07 GM    Betty Crocker Box Supreme Brownie mix    $0.75/2 (not entirely sure if the Supreme is included....)

Betty Crocker Frosting: $1.99
Stack with...
02-07 GM    Betty Crocker frosting any    $0.50/1

Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks: $1.99
Stack with...
01-03 GM    Betty Crocker Fruit Shapes    $0.50/2

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers (no sauce): $1.29
Stack with...
01-03 GM    Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Frozen Vegetables    $0.40/1

Nature Valley Granola Bars: $2.49
Stack with...
02-07 GM    Nature Valley Granola Bars save $.70 on two    $0.70/2    
02-07 GM    Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Nut Granola Bars any    $0.50/1 (if included)

Fiber One Bars: $2.79
Stack with...
01-03 GM    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars any    $0.40/1    
01-31 SS    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars Bars any    $0.50/2

Milk 'n Cereal Bars: price unknown
I could not find any coupons for this.

Chex Mix Bars: prince unknown
Stack with...
02-07 GM    General Mills Chex Mix bars any    $0.50/1

Progresso Soup: $1.29
Stack with...
02-07 GM    Progresso Light Soup    $0.25/1    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $1.00/4    
01-17 SS    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
01-03 GM    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2    
02-07 GM    Progresso Soup any flavor    $0.50/2

Totino's Party Pizzas or Rolls (15 ct): $1.00
I could not find any coupons to match.

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits: $1.29
Stack with...
02-07 GM    Pillsbury Frozen Grands, Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls or Mini Cinnamon Rolls     $0.75/2    
12-13 GM    Pillsbury Frozen Grands, Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls or Mini Cinnamon Rolls     $0.75/2    
11-22 SS    Pillsbury Frozen Grands, Biscuits, Cinnamon Rolls or Mini Cinnamon Rolls     $0.75/2    
01-24 RP    Pillsbury Funfetti Cookie Mix    $0.40/1    
11-22 SS    Pillsbury Grands Biscuits any size/variety    $0.30/2    
01-03 GM    Pillsbury Grands Biscuits any size/variety    $0.30/2    
12-13 GM    Pillsbury Grands Biscuits any size/variety    $0.30/2    
12-06 SS    Pillsbury Grands Biscuits any size/variety    $0.30/2    
12-06 SS    Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls    $0.55/2    
11-22 SS    Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls    $0.55/2    
12-13 GM    Pillsbury Grands Sweet Rolls    $0.55/2

Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough: $2.49
Stack with...
11-22 SS    Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough any    $1.00/2   
02-07 GM    Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough any    $1.00/2   
12-06 SS    Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough any    $1.00/2   
12-13 GM    Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough any    $1.00/2

Even if you purchase 10 Party Pizzas for $10, you'll only pay $7 after the in-flyer coupon, that's just $0.70 each, which is a great bargain!  The Hamburger Helpers are another great deal with the newspaper coupons to stack with.  Because Econo does not take internet printables, the deal for the Fiber One bars, cereal, and Fruit Snacks are better at Cash Wise.

Here are a few other decent deals at Econo this week:

$1.00 Chef Boyardee Pasta
01-10 SS    Chef Boyardee can 15 oz or microwave pasta 7.5 oz    $0.35/3
Final Price: $2.65/3, that's $0.88 per can

$2.99 La Choy Dinner Creations
01-17 SS    La Choy Creations any variety    $1.50/1
Final Price: $1.49

$0.50 Yoplait Yogurt
01-03 GM    Yoplait Yogurt Cups (includes Original, Light , Thick & Creamy or Whips) or any flavor Yoplait Original or Light Smoothie    $0.40/6    
02-07 GM    Yoplait Yogurt Cups (includes Original, Light , Thick & Creamy or Whips) or any flavor Yoplait Original or Light Smoothie    $0.40/6    
01-03 GM    Yoplait Yogurt Cups (includes Original, Light , Thick & Creamy or Whips) or any flavor Yoplait Original or Light Smoothi    $0.50/8
Final Price: $2.60/6, that's $0.43 each

Remember, Econo does not take regular internet printables, but they DO take THESE for the Our Family brand.  Unfortunately, none of the current listed match-up with their sales.

There are other match-ups in the flyer; however, the deal just isn't very good due to the higher prices at Econo.  In my opinion, they would truly be a competing store if they accepted internet printables; however, Cash Wise and Target (and probably Wal*Mart too-I don't know them very well) has them beat hands-down on prices.  Their regular prices are often lower than Econo's sales.  A very big bummer!!

Please let me know if you find anything else, or a great bargain I missed.  Perhaps there is another fantastic catalina deal going on!!

Cash Wise Deal

Cash Wise advertised General Mills Premium Granola Bars on sale this week for $1.98.  Problem is, what exactly are "premium granola bars"?  Turns out they are Fiber One bars!

I did NOT see the new 90 calorie type included in the sale yesterday.

Here are some matchups for those bars:
01-03 GM    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars any    $0.40/1    
01-31 SS    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars Bars any    $0.50/2
$0.40 Printable Coupon HERE
$0.40 Printable Coupon HERE
Final Price as low as $1.58 a box

Plus these are on the "Buy 4 items, get free milk" deal!!

And a small personal story....I was in Target yesterday getting medication for Henry - turns out he has pneumonia as well as RSV.  Our insurance card wasn't working-we had the wrong one...long story.  So after shopping all over Target with about $30 worth of stuff in my cart, including paper towels and Fiber One bars, I have to pay for the meds out of pocket and get re-imbursed later.  Sigh.  I only have about $45 with me and the prescription was $30!  So, back to the shelves I go, putting everything except diapers and a Matchbox car away.  I was NOT happy by the end of that 1.5 hour adventure....

I check the mail on the way home.  We have a $16.00 rebate check from Menards.  So, now I can buy paper towels and then some.

Later that night I run to Cash Wise to get some milk (and other deals).  I see the cheaper-than-Target-Fiber One bars as soon as I walk in the door on a big display.

Funny when things work out that way, doesn't it?  God knows better than I do...obviously!  I need to learn to keep my cool and roll with it. 

$1.25 Chocolate Cheerios Printable Coupon

Click HERE for a $1.25 printable coupon for Chocolate Cheerios.  That's a nice high value coupon to pair with a sale for a very good deal.  You should be able to print 2 of these!

$1.00 Starbucks Frappachino Printable Coupon

 Oh how I love it when this one comes around...click HERE to print a $1.00 coupon on any Starbucks Frappachino.  Looks like you need to leave a comment about "where Frappachino takes you" on their Facebook page to get the coupon.

Dove Printable Coupons

Not for the chocolate...shucks, huh? :)  For the soap products!

Click HERE for the following printable coupons:
  • $1.75/1 Dove Men + Care Body & Face bar (4 bar pack +) 
  • $1.50/1 coupon for Dove Men + Care Body & Face Wash 
  • $1.25/1 Dove Beauty Bar (4 bar pack+)
 And click HERE for a $2/1 Dove Ultimate Visibly Smooth Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant or Dove Clinical Protection Anti-Perspirant/Deodorant.  Click "back" to print two!

Monday, February 8, 2010

$10 Coupon Booklet

I love this one!  Go HERE to request a coupon book worth $10 from Box Tops 4 Education!

Free Sample of Burt's Bees Toothpaste

Click HERE to request a free sample of Burt's Bees Toothpaste.  I love their other products, so I'm hoping this one is equally as good and comes with some coupons!

Cheap Candy at Target

Just came across another one as I was preparing my shopping lists...

On Target.com's grocery coupons HERE you will find one for $1.00 off Reese's, Almond Joy, Special Dark, or York Candy Pieces.  Stack that with the 1-31 SmartSource for the same product and you are bound to have some cheap, cheap candy!  Sounds like a nice treat for the little one!

Target Deal: GE Reveal Light Bulb for $2.99, or less

I found another deal as I was getting my shopping lists ready...Target is advertising their 60 watt GE Reveal fluorescent light bulb for $5.49 this week.

Use the $1.50 Target coupon HERE and stack with the 1/03 SmartSource $1.00 coupon and you'll pay just $2.99, which is a great deal for these types of light bulbs that cost less to run and last longer.

We have recently done this deal with previous coupons we had, and they have some Reveal bulbs that are much less than $5.49, I believe I paid as low as $0.50 for one of ours recently.  So go check it out and stack the coupons to get a great deal!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Econo deals coming EVEN MORE laterz...

Hey folks, sorry the Econo deals aren't up yet, I full intended to get them done this evening; however.....we ended up in the E.R.  My little guy has been battling a cold the past few days and this afternoon took a turn for the worse.  I took his temp and it was 104.  After a short discussion with my Mom, who has been in nursing for over 35 years, she thought the E.R. would be a good idea.

Turns out, she was right!  Mom usually is. :)  Henry has RSV.  Since he's two, it's more like a really, really bad cold, we have to monitor his fever and just make sure he doesn't get any worse.  Whew!  The doctor was very, very glad we brought him in though - he said it was the right move, he could have gotten quite a bit worse overnight.

So, I'm drained tonight...Econo deals will get done at some point tomorrow!

Econo deals coming laterz...

After the 2 ginormous ad match-ups of Cash Wise & Target, my eyes are practically crossed from being at my computer so long!  I KNOW there are some Econo deals that I want to share, but they will have to wait!  Sorry!  My sanity comes first. :)  I'll try to get them up later tonight.


Target Coupon Matchups - February 7 - February 13


Some great deals to be found at Target this week!!
$2.00 Archer Farms Bread, 24 oz
Final Price: $1.00

15% off selected Archer Farms food and drinks
I don't know the final price on these, but here are the coupons off Target.com that might match up:

$1.40 Progresso Soup
Stack with...
Final Price: $2.00/3, that's $0.67 each

10/$5 ($0.50 each) Yoplait Light yogurt
01-03 GM    02-27    Yoplait Yogurt Cups    $0.40/6  
02-07 GM    02-27    Yoplait Yogurt Cups    $0.40/6
Final Price: As low as $2.50 for 6, that's $0.42 each

$2.99 Welch's Grape Juice, 64 oz.
02-07 SS    Welchs 100% Grape Juice or 100% Grape Juice Blend any 64 or 96 oz    $1.00/1
12-13 SS    Welchs 64 oz. refrigerated fruit Juices or Juice cocktails any flavor    $1.00/1   
Final Price: $1.99

$2.50 Healthy Choice frozen meals or Fresh Mixers
**$5 Target Gift Card wyb 10 selected meals
01-03 SS    1 free Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers Free when you buy three    
01-03 SS    Healthy Choice Frozen Meals any    $1.00/2
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon HERE (frozen meal) you should be able to print 2
**Other Healthy Choice frozen meals (the smaller ones) are on sale for $1.75 where the above coupons would also work, but from past experiences I am guessing the cheaper ones are NOT part of the gift card deal.

Gift Card scenario:
Use the above two manny + 2 printables (better if you can print more on another computer, but let's pretend you don't have access to another computer).  That's 4 mixers, 6 entrees.  Final Price: $19.50, and you'll get at $5 gift card, so $14.50/10 items, that's $1.45 each.  A good deal but really only if you eat these meals often.  It's a lot of money to shell out at one grocery stop in my opinion!  UNLESS the $1.75 meals ARE included on the gift card deal.  Then you've got a nice bargain, at about $1.00 per item after gift card.  Plus, these are on sale at Cash Wise for $1.67 this week!  Gotta pull out the calculator (unless you like math...) to determine where your better deal is.

$2.75 Quaker Oatmeal Squares, 10 pk oatmeal, and selected others
$2.34 Quaker chewy bars or bites
**$5 Target Gift Card wyb 5 selected items
It's difficult to know exactly what is going to be included in the gift card deal and what "selected others" will be, but here are some matchups.
01-03 RP    Quaker Chewy Granola Bars     $1.00/2     
01-24 RP    03-31    Quaker Fiber & Omega 3 Chewy Granola Bars    $1.00/2    
02-07 RP    03-31    Quaker Instant Oatmeal    $1.00/1    
01-24 RP    03-31    Quaker Oatmeal To Go Breakfast Bars    $1.00/2  
Final Price will vary, but I'm thinkin' a decent deal can be done here that might be worth it if you like these products.

$2.99 Hillshire Farm Deli Select Lunchmeat, 8-9 oz
01-10 RP    Hillshire Farm Deli Select Ultra Thin or Hearty Slices Lunchmeat     $0.35/1
Final Price: $2.64

4/$9 ($2.25 each) Ziploc bags and containers, 7-100 count bags, 2-5 count containers
01-10 SS    Ziploc Bags    $0.40/1    
01-10 SS    Ziploc Bags    $1.00/2    
01-10 SS    Ziploc Containers    $1.50/2    
01-10 SS    Ziploc Containers    $0.55/1
Final Price will vary, but as low as $3.00 for 2 containers, $1.50 each

$6.99 One A Day VitaCraves gummies, 50 count
01-03 SS    One A Day 12 ct or larger    $2.00/1
Final Price: $4.99

$9.99 Citrucel, 30 oz
01-10 RP    Citrucel Bulk Fiber Therapy Product    $3.00/1
Final Price: $6.99

$2.25 Nestle morsels
Final Price: $4.00/2, that's $2.00 each

$10.29 Arm & Hammer cat litter, 28 lb
Final Price: $9.29

$9.99 Bounty giant roll paper towels, 8 count
02-07 PG    Bounty Paper Towels or napkins any    $0.25/1 
Final Price: $9.74

$8.99 Kleenex 10 pk, 110 count
01-03 SS    02-28    Kleenex Facial Tissues one bundle pack    $0.50/1
Final Price,: $8.49

$14.99 Charmin 16 pk, mega roll
02-07 PG    Charmin product, any    $0.25/1
Final Price: $14.74

$15.99 Charmin Basic 36 pk
02-07 PG    Charmin product, any    $0.25/1
Final Price: $15.74
$17.79 Iams dog food, 17.5 lb
*Get $5 Target gift card wyb 2
Depending on what is included in the sale, here are some matchups:
02-07 PG    Iams Dry Dog or Cat Food any    $1.00/1     
01-31 RP    Iams Premium Protection Dog Food    $3.00/1
Final Price possibly as low as $14.79 for 1

$8.99 Clorox 66 oz, or Arm & Hammer 150 oz detergent
01-31 SS    Clorox 2 Stain Fighter & Color Booster any    $1.00/1
Final Price as low as $7.99

$10.99 Tide Stain Release or detergents
02-07 PG    Tide Deterent any size    $0.35/1    
01-17 PG    Tide Deterent any size    $0.35/1    
02-07 PG    Tide Detergent buy any 75 oz or larger and get a FREE Tide product listed
01-10 RP    Tide Stain Release     $1.00/1    
01-10 RP    Tide Stain Release 26-50 oz powder, 15-34 ct Duo Pac or 36-68 oz liquid     $3.00/1    
02-07 PG    Tide Stain Release any size    $1.00/1
Final Price: When buying detergent, use BOGO coupon and get the Stain Release 18 count pack free, and stack with the 1-10 RP $3.00 off.  $7.99 for 2 items

$6.99 Gillette Fusion manual or Venus Embrace razor
*Get a $5.00 Target gift card wyb 2
02-07 PG    Gillette Venus Embrace Razor    $2.00/1    
02-07 PG    Gillette Venus Embrace, Free Olay body wash with purchase
02-07 PG    Gillette Fusion Razor any    $4.00/1
Final Price: Buy 1 of each, use $2.00 and $4.00 coupons, pay $7.98 for both, and get a $5 gift card.  If I do this deal, since my hubby is brand specific with his razors, I'll get 2 Venus, using the 2 coupons for that and the 01-17 PG    Olay Body Wash, Bar or In Shower Body Lotion    $1.00/1 on the Olay.  Final Price: $10.98 for 3 items, plus a $5.00 gift card.

$5.49 Irish Spring 12 pk soap bars, 18-23.6 oz Olay body wash, 6 pk Olay bars
01-17 PG    Olay Body Wash, Bar or In Shower Body Lotion    $1.00/1
01-31 SS Two Irish Spring Multi Bar Packs 3 pack or larger    $0.50/2
Final Price: As low as $4.49

$3.99 Selected Secret or Old Spice deodorant
12-27 PG    Secret product any (excluding trial size)    $0.25/1
01-17 PG    Secret Flawless any (except trial size)    $0.50/1 (if included?)
02-07 PG    Old Spice Anti Perspirant/Deodorant or Body Wash (valid on 1.7 oz size or larger)    $1.00/2    
12-27 PG    Old Spice Antiperspirant Deodorant or Body Wash except trial size    $1.00/2    
02-07 PG    Old Spice Pro+Strength antiperspirant/deodorant    $4.00/2    
Final Price will vary, but as low as $3.98/2, that's $1.99 each

$3.49 Selected Old Spice Red Zone
12-27 PG    Old Spice Red Zone Deodorants, buy two and get a FREE Secret Flawless
Use 01-17 PG    Secret Flawless any (except trial size)    $0.50/1 as well if taking advantage of this deal!
Final Price: $2.99 for 2 items, $1.50 each

$2.99 Herbal Essences shampoo or TRESemme hair spray, and selected others
02-07 PG    Buy Herbal Essence Shampoo, Conditioner or Styling Product, get a free styling product
Final Price: $2.99/2, $1.50 each

2/$8.00 30 ct. Hershey's snack size treats, or 41 ct. Mars Fun size mix
Final Price: $11.00/3, that's $3.67 each

$2.69 Reese's or M&Ms
Stack with...
01-10 RP    M&Ms Bagged Candy 9.4 oz or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price: $6.07/3, that's $2.02 each

$1.66 Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
Final Price: $0.91

$2.33 Fiber One Bars, 5 ct.
01-31 SS    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars 90 Calorie Bars any    $0.50/1     (if included?)
01-03 GM    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars any    $0.40/1    
01-31 SS    General Mills Fiber One Chewy Bars Bars any    $0.50/2
Final Price as low as: $1.83

$2.00 Orbit Gum, 3 pack
Final Price: $1.00