Saturday, December 5, 2009

Free Christmas Music from

Click HERE to download free Christmas music from!  They have a new Christmas song each day to download from this same page.  Today's song is "God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen" by Jars of Clay.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attempting Christmas Crafting...might get interesting....

I am always looking for crafts to make with Henry - especially now with the weather being colder and us having to stay in doors.  He really enjoys doing all sorts of crafts.  And while I'm not the most talented person in the cutting, creating, pasting department-we still have a good time and create things that at least halfway resemble what they are supposed to!

The biggest problem is thinking up ideas!  I try to brainstorm, I search the internet, I read blogs, I read magazines and try to grab anything I think I can do with a two year old.

I just got an email on a new Christmas Craft eBook, "Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts"  I like the title of that!  It's got 25 craft projects in it, some do require talent I don't have - like sewing, but quite a few are very easy.  They go through step-by-step, some with pictures to assist, and I know I can adapt some of the tougher ones to be more "Brook and Henry Friendly". Ha!

This is an example, the milk cap ornament.  We could totally do this!  And we certainly have enough caps with how much milk that little boy drinks. :)

Anyway, click HERE to download the pdf, which you can then save onto your computer and access anytime you want to get your craft on.  You can also sign up for the newsletter they offer to get regular crafting ideas emails.

If you happen to be truly craft talented, some of these could make great gifts too!

BOGO Candy Cane Chill Blizzard at Dairy Queen

I love peppermint.  I can go through a box of candy canes in NO time.  Mints are a common thing in my purse, but they never last long.  So, I was pretty thrilled when Dairy Queen sent me an email for a BOGO Candy Cane Chill Blizzard!

Click HERE to print/request the coupon! (expires 12/15)

Hutchinson Area Printable Coupons

Be sure to sign up with for Hutchinson area coupons.

Each week they send out a new set of coupons, here a few highlights for this week:
  •  $3.00 off a $20 or more guest check at Country Kitchen
  • Free in-town delivery at Crow River Floral & Gifts
  • 10% off any purchase at Hutchinson Discount Center
It's a free site to sign up for and they are delivered directly to your email inbox.  The only drawback I see on these coupons is many of them expire quickly - some as early as the end of the week.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 Reset

Today is December 1 and I found several of the coupons over on have been reset....but a few haven't - I wonder if they will be??  I'll be sure to report back as I see new ones emerge.

The toy coupons are still there (yay!), some great cereal coupons, along with a few new good ones I noted:
  • $1.00/2 Ghiradelli seasonal chocolates (last time this one went FAST)
  • $1.00/1 Bausch & Lomb Renu contact solution
  • BOGO Steaz Organic Iced Tea - I have read you can get these at Target, but I haven't seen them yet at ours in Hutch.
Click HERE to go check 'em out and print.  For most of them you should be able to print two.

*When you click through these links to and print even just one coupon, I do receive a small commission.  I truly thank you for supporting my family and this website in this manner!

Cash Wise Foods Deals and Coupon Match-Ups for November 29 to December 5

I apologize about the strange formatting on this post, things are going a bit flaky and I'm not sure how to fix them!

Here are the deals for this week at Cash Wise, please let me know if you find anything I missed!

Coupon Deals
Gold N Plump Chicken
$10.00 off wyb $25.00 of fresh or frozen in-store/flyer coupon
Stack with...
$1.00 printable coupon HERE (rotisserie chicken)
$0.55 printable coupon HERE (ground chicken)
Final price will vary

Free Food Club Grade A Large Eggs wyb $25.00 of groceries, pre-coupons
In-store/flyer coupon

$1.50 Red Raspberries or Fresh Blackberries
If Driscoll’s is the brand they currently are carrying (often is it), $0.50 printable coupon HERE
Final Price, $1.00

4/$10.00 Pepsi, Sierra Mist, Mountain Dew or Dr. Pepper
In-store/flyer coupon – must buy 4 and must buy a Sierra Mist Cranberry Splash (regular or diet)

$2.25 Trix, Lucky Charms, Reese’s Puffs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Honey Nut Cheerios
Final Price will vary

**Free Food Club Milk, 1 gallon wyb 4 of the above cereals
In store/flyer coupon

$1.78 Western or Wishbone Salad Dressing
10/4 RP Wish Bone Dressing, $1.25/2
Final Price, $2.31/2 or $1.16 each

$1.11 Hamburger Helper
Final Price, $2.58/3 or $0.86 each

*$1.00 off Ground Beef wyb 2 Hamburger Helper
Last week I was trying to find just 1 pound of ground beef and the Hutch Cash Wise no longer sells the normal ground beef in small packages – just in very large family sized packages.  You can purchase a premium ground beef in smaller packages, or from the meat counter – both were over $3.00 a pound.  This coupon should work on the chubs of beef as well I would think, so you might get the best bang for your buck with that route.

$2.98 Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn, 6 pack
11/15 SS Orville Redenbachers Gourmet Popping Corn $0.40
Final Price, $2.58

$1.94 Del Monte Fruit Cups
Final price, $6.76/4 or $1.69 each

$4.88 Puffs Facial Tissue, 4 pack
11/1 PG Puffs Tissues any single box $0.25/1
11-29 PG Puffs Tissues three single boxes or one 3 pack $0.25/1
Final Price, $4.63

$10.88 Charmin Bath Tissue, 18 Big Roll pack
11/29 PG Charmin Bath Tissue, any $0.25/1
11/1 PG Charmin Bath Tissue, any $0.25/1
Final Price, $10.63

$11.98 Tide, 100 oz
11/1 PG Tide, any $1.00/1
11/29 PG Tide, any $0.35/1
Final Price as low as $10.98

Buy 5, get 5 Fried Chicken Drumsticks (deli dept)
In-Store coupon

Other Deals

$0.98 Cash Wise Split Top Bread, white or wheat
$0.50 Food Club Chili or Kidney Beans, 15 oz
$0.88 Westpac Vegetables or Mr. Dees Mashed Potatoes
$0.50 Cucumbers
$0.88 Mangoes
BOGO Cranberry Nut Muffins (bakery dept)
$0.98 Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist or Dr. Pepper 2 liter  *watch for peelies on the Dr. Pepper!

Menu Plan Monday

Here is what I have on schedule for this week:

  • Diet Coke Chicken, rice, green beans
  • Chicken Parmsean, rolls (we had this last night)
  • Stuffed chicken breasts, mashed potatoes, mixed veggies.  For the stuffed chicken breasts, I think I am just gonna slice 'em in half the long way then stuff with Stove Top, and maybe a bit more on top, maybe cover with some gravy.  Do you think that will work?
  • Turkey burgers, oven fries, corn
  • Eat Out on Friday night
For more menu plans, check out OrgJunkie!

Click to Give

Happy December!

A reminder to go vist Click To Give today.

Fight cancer, child abuse, animal cruelty, feed the poor and shelter the homeless - just by clicking your mouse!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cash Wise Match Ups Coming Soon!

I want to apologize for the delay on putting out the Cash Wise match-ups.  I usually have them done Sunday afternoon, but the sickies have been passing around in our house, first me, then Henry, now Joe...and Henry and I are still recovering.  My energy has been zapped lately and I haven't been sleeping well, mix that with the holiday and shopping....WHEW!

I do have about half the list done and should get them up tomorrow!  Thanks for your patience. :)

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Swagbucks Gift Card Sale

Swagbucks is a site that you can do internet searches through and shop through to earn "bucks".  It's very easy, you will earn at least 1 buck a day just by searching - and their search results are powered through Google so they are good and legit.  I've easily earned over 90 Swagbucks over the past couple of months, and I really don't do a lot of searching.

You turn in your earned Swagbucks for various merchandise, including gift cards.  The best deal that I think they have is the $5 card for 45 Swagbucks.

Everyday between now and January 1 Swagbucks is having at least one of their gift cards on sale!  Currently it's the $5 PayPal gift card, normally 190 Swagbucks, and now-for a limited time, only 70!  I'm hoping the one goes on sale...we'll see!

Click HERE to sign up for Swagbucks, you get 3 bucks to start with.  Then refer all your friends and you can earn even more bucks!

Free Leapfrog Tag Book when you register your Tag Reader

If you recently took advantage of the great deal on Leapfrog's Tag Reader at Target be sure to register your product HERE for a free book!

USA Weekend Coupons

Be sure to check your USA Weekend that comes with the newspaper today, inside is a $5.00 Target coupon for the "Pass the Popcorn" board game, and a $2.00 Huggies coupon!

Free Sample of Carefree and Stayfree Feminine Products

Another Wal*Mart free sample HERE

Cyber Monday

Tomorrow is Cyber Monday!  Last year we purchased a GPS at a fantastic price that we have never seen so low since!  Plus free shipping!

Good deals are going to abound tomorrow, and is a nice one-stop site that lists many of the deals to be had. has their Cyber Monday deals listed HERE - looks like some deals are even going on now and others start at 4:00 Central.

A quick example of a deal they are listing - $5.00 for Chris Tomlin's "Glory in the Highest" CD, normally priced at $12.99.

If you are going to be shopping online today or tomorrow, or any day for that matter, use a cash back or points site to stretch your buck - you can find almost any site through at least one of these programs.

For cash back sites I like:
And for points sites I like:

New Target Coupons

All the previous Target toy coupons expired on Wednesday; however, Target just released a slew of new ones!

Click HERE to visit Target's new coupon generator.  It seems different ones load each time for me, so using the menus on the left help to select which category you need.  If you want the toy coupons they are under "Holiday Catalog".  There are also some for movies and electronics, such as $5 off any Blu Ray movie.

These coupons change often, so my advice would be to print any you think you might use at some point, you never know what is going to go on sale at Target either, so it's a good idea to print, print, print!  Remember, Target coupons can be stacked with manufacturer coupons too.  There are also print limits on Target's site - generally two per computer.

Free item with $10 purchase at Bath & Body Works

A few days ago I got a coupon in the mail from Bath & Body Works for a free item, up to $13 in value with any $10 purchase.  What a deal!!

Even better, this coupon is available online HERE.

So, if you have someone on your Christmas list that enjoys Bath & Body Works products, this is a great way to spoil them without breaking your budget - or select something nice for yourself!

$1.50 All Bran or Wheatables Crackers Printable Coupon

There is a new $1.50 off 1 box of All Bran crackers HERE.  I have read that some Targets have these crackers for just $1.99, so $0.49 after coupon!

While you are there, check out the $1.50 off Wheatables too.  Not sure on the price of these - but will most likely make some pretty cheap crackers.

Annie's Organic Grocery Coupons

Here are a couple coupons for Annie's organic groceries:

$1.00 Annie's Cereal
$0.50 Annie's Homegrown Products

Both are HERE

Free Insulated Tote Bag from Fairview Clinics

*Only good for Minnesota and Wisconsin residents

Click HERE to register to win a Wii from Fairview Clinics, and they will also send you an insulated tote for registering.

This is much like the Hector Inspector freebie soap they were giving away a while ago (click HERE for the post about it) took me a while to get the soap, but it came!  This is part of the same Wii giveaway.

Thanks Karen for the link!