Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Rave: Opinion Outpost

Joe and I have been cutting the budget in every corner we can.  After I quit my job we cut our budget by $200 per month...and we were just cut it again - $180 this time - and we are selling our timeshare that we purchased while I was still working.  Sigh.  But we need that monthly money...as you may or may not know, we are attempting to sell our house in this crazy economy.  We have it in our hearts to move back to New York City.  We gotta save every penny we can so we can keep the price on the house low.  We are still hoping we are able to swing a vacation of some-sort this year, but as time goes on and numbers are crunched and re-crunched, it's becoming painfully obvious it just might not happen.  However, at this point selling the house has the ultimate priority.

Anyway, we now have almost $400 less per month to spend on needs/wants than what we did when I was working.  Thankfully do to my careful couponing and planning, and both of us just making better choices, we are doing quite well even with the smaller budget.  God is good and faithful!!

I have also picked up the pace on attempting to earn any sort of extra cash while at home.  We are going to have a HUGE garage sale; selling some things on eBay; books, movies and CDs on half.com; and doing all sorts of survey/point earning sites from my computer at home.

I belong to quite a few reward type sites and I just have to rave about Opinion Outpost.  It is a survey site, in general I don't like these because they take too much time for surveys I end up not qualifying for-and when I do qualify I get less than a buck.  It just irks me.  However...with Opinion Outpost there are still many surveys I don't qualify for...but when I do...the payout is NICE.  So far I have qualified for 3 surveys and have already earned $8.80.  That's almost $3 per survey!  That payout is larger than any other I have been part of/heard.  I am LOVING it!  Plus you can request a check for CASH or an Amazon gift card at $5.00 or above!  It's an excellent, excellent program!!

So, if you are wanting to earn a bit of extra money on the side - I highly recommend Opinion Outpost.  If you click through my blog I will earn an extra $2.00 per referral and I thank you tremendously in advance for supporting my family!  And even if you don't want to use my referral link, go join - you'll like it! :)

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