Thursday, September 16, 2010

Well, hello there!

I'm back!

As you may recall my family and I moved halfway across the country to New York City.  Astoria (Queens) to be more exact.

I truly have not been couponing recently for a few reasons:
  1. Time.  Getting a house settled, having guests, traveling and getting to know the neighborhood has taken most of mine.  Now, 3 months later we are now settling into a routine and I am learning my local stores.
  2. No one coupons around here!  Seriously.  The grocery store across the street won't take internet printables and the other just recently started.  Sometimes they look at me like I'm crazy.
  3. Change in diet.  While we often had fresh fruit/veggies in the house, meats, and "grocery store perimeter" items, we also had a ton of boxed stuff.  I am getting my family away from this and choosing healthier items - even if they cost more and aren't on sale.  Choosing more all natural and organic items and less processed.  I wanted to get out of this rut back in MN, but had a hard time with limited choices available....and our very limited income.
So, life is settling - I know our stores, we are getting a routine and our budget worked out - and with that my couponing has once again picked up!  It's exciting to see how much I can save.  I don't get a paper here with coupons in it, but we get a little flyer with some, and I've turned to mainly internet printables.  I'm shopping the sales and planning meals around them.

What to look forward to in this blog?  I will be writing out my grocery/drug store choices each week - it will highlight some of the best sales from Key Food, Trade Fair, CVS, and the local organic store.  My budget each week is $100.  That may seem like a lot, but it's not for our area.  From those lists I will be making my meal plans.  I will also be highlighting coupons for organic and all natural food that I find.  Occasionally there might be some Target deals thrown into the mix if we adventure in that's not close to our house, so it's about a once a month excursion now.  Same with Whole Foods - they and Trader Joe's might pop up from time to time.  We'll see!

If you are interested, join me in this adventure!  Please share with me your thoughts and opinions and any deals you might find too!


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