Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Target Run

Last night we ventured over to Target and I took advantage of some of the great deals they have this week, here are my favorites:

Shout, $2.64
$0.55 Manny
Nature's Source Scrubbing Bubbles $2.49 w/ $1.00 Target coupon on the handle (and other coupons too!)
$1.00 Manny
Nature's Source Windex, $2.24
$2.50 Manny when you buy all 3

Mr. Clean $2.39 x2
BOGO Manny (buy liquid, get spray)
Target $0.75
Manny $0.50

Air Wick iMotion Oils $4.99
$4.00 Manny

They also have another AirWick air freshener kit at $5.99 and there is a $6.00 coupon for it = FREE!  My store was tomorrow I'm going back and asking for a rain check.  I'm also going to purchase a few of the items that have new Target coupons, and I can stack with my manny's. (Jimmy Dean breakfast meals for one)  I'm also probably going to hit up Cash Wise again to take advantage of more Special K deals and hot dogs.

If you'd like to know what date and what flyer the manny's are from, just let me know - I use's database to keep track usually!

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