Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Here we are, it's already Tuesday and I'm just figuring this out.  However, I'm a step ahead from last week where I never did figure it out...at all!  Lots of random comments here...and lots of potatoes from the deal I got last week at Econo.

--Eat Out - this was done last night.  We used a coupon! :)

--Stew in Crockpot - tonight
(chuck roast, potatoes, carrots, celery, onion, beef bullion on low from 8ish am until whenever we get home!)
Perhaps some bread, or rice, or......something on the side....?

--chicken sandwiches
oven fries

--pasta with chicken  - probably Thursday (never made it from a few weeks ago...this quite possibly might end up being a new take on "Favorite Hotdish" with chicken instead of beef.  if so, and successful, i'll post the recipe later.  if not, i'll still post the recipe anyway of the good 'ol "Favorite Hotdish" with beef.)
garlic bread

--chicken in crockpot (not sure what recipe yet...) - probably Wednesday night (we never did orange chicken either....i wonder if I can swing this in the crock.  hmmmm...I'll try to post whatever recipe I decide on later today/tomorrow)
baked potatoes (or rice maybe?)

--breakfast pizza? (i'm wanting to figure out how to do this, haven't looked up a recipe yet!)

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