Sunday, December 13, 2009

$5.00 off any Kodak Camera

Target has a $5.00 printable coupon HERE good on ANY Kodak camera (or frame).  I read various reports that some of their disposable Kodak cameras are only $4.00, making this free!

I will be at the Hutch Target this week and WILL be checking this one out!!  Henry really enjoys cameras lately, so this would be a fun one to give him for a Christmas gift - the results would be mighty interesting!  Ha!


  1. I did this deal on Friday night - the camera I bought was just $3.84!!

  2. Isn't it awesome? I was in the Twin Cities today and stopped at a Target and got one for free-original price was $ it!

  3. I can't find the coupon.

  4. Erin, when you click on the link, click "Show All" in the menu on the left, sometimes only a certain category is selected for some reason.

    The coupon is still there, it has a picture of a blue digital camera on it, but works for any camera. :)

    Hope that helps!