Sunday, December 13, 2009

Search to Earn a $25 Disney Gift Card!

I've told you a couple times about Swagbucks, but now I have another reason...and it makes me very, very excited!

First, Swagbucks...what is it?

It's a website that you search through, like Google, only you can earn "bucks" for searches you do.  Your account builds with these Swagbucks and you can use them to enter various contests, or purchase gift cards and other items.  You search results are populated through Google, so they are very reliable!  It's a super simple way to earn a bit of extra on the side with normal internet activity you probably already do.  (There are a couple other ways to earn as well, but I won't go into all that...unless you want me to!)

I currently have 109 Swagbucks, and I truly don't do much searching throughout the day.  I earn maybe 1-4 bucks a day.  (You don't get credit for EVERY search you do-it's random).  With those Swagbucks I have fully intended to purchase a few $5 gift cards at 45 Swagbucks each.  Score!

HOWEVER, I just found they have a DISNEY GIFT CARD!  Since Disney World is where we choose to vacation, this will be a great benefit for a future vacation!!  It's a $25 Gift Card and is currently running at 295 Swagbucks.  So, I've got a ways to go...but it's worth it!  I will just keep searching away and letting that account build!!

If you have any questions about Swagbucks, feel free to ask!  Or, check it out and sign up HERE

**If you sign up through my link above, I will earn some extra bucks, and you'll help me get closer to that Disney Gift Card!  :)

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