Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Attempting Christmas Crafting...might get interesting....

I am always looking for crafts to make with Henry - especially now with the weather being colder and us having to stay in doors.  He really enjoys doing all sorts of crafts.  And while I'm not the most talented person in the cutting, creating, pasting department-we still have a good time and create things that at least halfway resemble what they are supposed to!

The biggest problem is thinking up ideas!  I try to brainstorm, I search the internet, I read blogs, I read magazines and try to grab anything I think I can do with a two year old.

I just got an email on a new Christmas Craft eBook, "Quick and Easy Christmas Crafts"  I like the title of that!  It's got 25 craft projects in it, some do require talent I don't have - like sewing, but quite a few are very easy.  They go through step-by-step, some with pictures to assist, and I know I can adapt some of the tougher ones to be more "Brook and Henry Friendly". Ha!

This is an example, the milk cap ornament.  We could totally do this!  And we certainly have enough caps with how much milk that little boy drinks. :)

Anyway, click HERE to download the pdf, which you can then save onto your computer and access anytime you want to get your craft on.  You can also sign up for the newsletter they offer to get regular crafting ideas emails.

If you happen to be truly craft talented, some of these could make great gifts too!

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