Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Have you heard of BeRuby.com yet?

BeRuby actually pays you (albeit, a very small amount) to go to sites you probably already go to daily, like Facebook, Gmail, Google, YouTube and many, many more.  You can also earn by shopping through the site - you can earn quite a bit more money that way.

I was made aware of this site a while back, but wanted to check it out, make sure it was legit, before posting about it on my blog here.

When I signed up, I made BeRuby my "home" page in Firefox and use it to click through to various sites each day.  My home page has Facebook, Weather.com, YouTube, Orbitz, iTunes, Craigslist, and Gmail on it.  I get one penny for a click to any of these sites.  So, like I said, it's minimal - but it's something for doing nothing!  Why not?!  I haven't yet shopped through the site.

I have almost $2.00 in my account right now.   It's slow to add up, but it does.  And even if I only make $5.00 over time, it's something!!  $5.00 can mean quite a few groceries on a good sale.  :)

So, check it out if you'd like!

Click HERE to go to BeRuby.com

(If you click through my link, I do earn a small commission.  I thank you for your support!)

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