Thursday, January 21, 2010

Econo Foods - Ragu Pasta Sauce and noodles deal!

I just got an email from my friend Ambrosia, she scoped this deal out at Econo Foods:

"Ok...go to Econo Foods, today or tomorrow. Use the coupon in their circular that is Buy 2 ragu sauces and get noodles free (ends up being 1 lb.). Once there you will see the sauces are .99 cents a piece. The little tags say limit 2, but I've bought 3 jars both times. OK, so here's the great value in this...if you buy 3 jars, you will get a coupon with your receipt for your next purchase. This coupon is for $2.00 off next total purchase. So you go back the next day (before sunday), pick up 3 more jars and be sure to use the circular coupon for your free pound of pasta again. Go to check out and give them both your circular coupon PLUS your $2.00 off total coupon. You will end up paying about .80 cents I think it is. So in the end you have spent under $4.00 and you now have 6 jars of Ragu pasta Sauce and 2 Lbs. of spaghetti noodles!!!!!!! A VERY VERY good deal!!!!!!!!"

Thank you Ambrosia for this one!!!  I'll be hitting up Econo tomorrow. :)

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