Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Matchups - February 14 - February 20

This week Cash Wise has their "Lenten Specials," so we see lots of fish products on sale.  Overall the ad is a bit lacking in my opinion!  But, here are the deals I did find.  Please let me know if you find anything I didn't.

Free Cremette Eggo Noodles, 16 oz bag and Free Food Club Tuna in Water, 5 oz can chunk light wyb $25 worth of groceries
In Store/Flyer Coupons

$1.48 Post Cereals, 20 oz Raisin Bran, 11 oz Alpha Bits, or 14.75 oz Super Golden Crisp
01-17 SS    Post Cereal Grape Nuts, Shredded Wheat or Raisin Bran 10 oz or larger    $1.00/2
Final Price: $1.96 for 2, that's $0.98 each

2/$10.00 Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite
In Store/Flyer Coupon

$5.98 Gold'N Plump Split Chicken Breast, 3.5 lb Family Pack
$0.75 Printable Coupon here
Final Price: $5.23, that's about $1.49 per pound.

$4.88 SeaPak Breaded Shrip or Entrees, 8-28 oz
02-07 SS    SeaPak Product    $1.00/1
Final Price: $3.88

BOGO Gorton's Breaded Fish Fillets, 17.3-24.5 oz
In Store Coupon
Stack with....
01-24 SS    Gortons item any    $0.40/1
$1.00/2 Printable Coupon here
Final Price is unknown
*Be sure to give the manufacturer coupon BEFORE the BOGO store coupon.

$2.88 Kemps Cottage Cheese, 24 oz
01-24 SS    Kemps Cottage Cheese 16 oz or larger    $0.50/2
Final Price: $5.26 for 2, that's $2.63 each

4/$11.00 ($2.75 each) Jack's Original Pizzas, 15-19.75 oz
01-24 SS    Jacks Original Pizza    $0.40/1
Final Price: $2.35

$3.28 Welch's Grape Juice, 64 oz
02-07 SS    Welchs 100% Grape Juice or 100% Grape Juice Blend any 64 or 96 oz    $1.00/1    
Not sure if the next two are included, but just in case....
12-13 SS    Welchs 64 oz. refrigerated fruit Juices or Juice cocktails any flavor    $1.00/1    
02-07 SS    Welchs Light Juice Beverage 64 oz    $1.00/1
Final Price: $2.28

$8.48 Scott Bath Tissue, 12 double roll package
01-17 SS    Scott Extra Soft bath tissue 8 or more rolls    $1.00/1
Final Price: $7.48, that's about $0.62 per roll

$5.48 Glad Tall Kitchen Bags, 38-45 count
I am not entirely certain if the "bags" in this coupon includes the kitchen bags or if it's more specific:
11-08 RP    Glad Containers, Bags, Cling Wrap or Press N Seal    $1.50/3
Final Price:  $14.94 for 3, that's $4.98 each.  This does not seem like a great deal when you can get a package that is double the size for just a buck or two more over at Target or Wal*Mart....

$1.00 Del Monte Fruit Naturals, 8 oz cups
$1.00/4 Printable Coupon here
Final Price: $3.00 for 4, that's $0.75 each
*I haven't printed this coupon yet, I'm out of paper!  Eeek!  It just says "Del Monte Brand Product", so the coupon itself may be more specific???  I apologize in advance if it does not qualify with the cups on sale!

3/$8.88 Coke, Sprite or Diet Coke, 12 pk cans, 6 pk 24 oz bottles, or 8 pk 12 oz bottles
In Store/Flyer coupon

Buy 10 32 oz bottles of Powerade Ion4 or Powerade Zero Ion4, and get 5 free
In Flyer Coupon
The price per bottle is not listed, this is a manufacturer coupon and does not show "Cash Wise" on it, so you could use it elsewhere I would imagine.

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