Tuesday, October 13, 2009

SuperAmerica Speedy Rewards Program

We purchased a new car several months ago now, and with our purchase, we were given a gas card-good until sometime in 2011, for $0.06 off a gallon at any SuperAmerica.

Let me tell you, with gas prices as high as they have been lately, we almost always choose SuperAmerica over any other gas station.  Cash Wise spits out coupons for Holiday, $0.05 a gallon, when you spend $50, and Wal*Mart is always a few cents cheaper, but nothing can be the $0.06 a gallon we've got with this gold card.  Smart advertising SuperAmerica.

In addition to that, SuperAmerica also has their Speedy Rewards program.  I joined this a long while back, not really thinking about what it was.  Until the points started to add up - and we got free stuff.  We do not ever purchase anything just for points - they simply build up from buying gas, the occasional coffee/treat, and we have taken advantage of their 2 gallons for $5.00 milk deal as well.

To date we've gotten several free drinks, a free breakfast sandwich, and used our points to get a $10 gift card.  Free stuff for doing what you do everyday.  I likee.  Even if you prefer to buy your gas elsewhere, but come to SA occassionaly, I think it's worth getting the card!

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