Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free Orange Julius when you join their club

I know we don't have an Orange Julius in Hutch (good thing, otherwise I'd have more weight to loose than I already do!); however, as you probably know there is one in the St. Cloud mall.

I used to partake of one of these beauties quite often back before I had bills and other adult things, like a mortgage.  They are like $4 a pop!

So a free one?  Yes, I'm interested!  What a treat this will be next time I'm in St. Cloud!

Click HERE to join their club and they will email you a coupon for a free Julius!  (use zip code 56301 to select St. Cloud when prompted)


  1. Hey Brook, I have another good free sample. I got a free sample of Emergen-C a few months ago. They send a pack with like 2 samples of 4 different flavors. It looks like they are still doing it:

    And their ploy worked because now this is the only way I can get my 44 year old to take his vitamins!


  2. Thanks Katie! I will check that one out and post about it!

  3. Maybe I will finally start taking vitamins too...! :)