Thursday, February 4, 2010

Menards Rebate Program

I am beginning to love Menards and their rebate program.  Have you heard about it?

If you purchase $10 worth of non-rebate items, there is always an assortment of items (seems to always be over $10 worth) that you can get for free after a mail in rebate.

So, a while back, I went to Menards to purchase something I needed, it was around $12.  Then I put quite a few of the items that were free with rebate in my cart and checked out.  My total that day was fairly high.

Then I mailed in the rebates.  They all went in the same envelope, one stamp...usually they can, because they go to the same address.

Then I got a card back in the mail, a merchandise check for Menards.  I used this to purchase another $10 item I needed and stocked up on the free rebate items again.


This week at Menards the following items are free after rebate:
•Below the Bed organizer - $8 - Limit 2
•Terry cloths - $1 - Limit 2
•Circular saw blade - $4 - Limit 2
•6" pliers -$3-Limit 3.
•2-pk paintbrushes -$4 - Limit 2
•Wiper blade -$4-Limit 2.
•6-pk superglue -$2 -Limit 2

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