Wednesday, October 28, 2009

$1 Printable on Bumble Bee Tuna

Click --> HERE <-- to print a $1 Bumble Bee Tuna coupon.

Click --> HERE <-- to register with Bumble Bee, get 4 meal plans to your email - and each meal plan comes with a $1 coupon!

Thanks to Utah Deal Diva!


  1. Check out Wild Planet tuna, yes its a pretty penny but its 20 times better for you than bumble bee. when you squeeze out the juice from the bumble bee can, youre sqeezing out 30% of what you just bought. when you use wild planet, you use everything from the can, including juice, which takes away the need for mayo. when i cook with this tuna, i dont even touch the mayo.

  2. I'm not a tuna eater myself, but my husband is. I've never seen Wild Planet tuna in the stores, do you know which ones they sell it at?