Monday, October 26, 2009

Goals for the Week

Last week was a pretty successful first week at home.  I accomplished most of the goals I set out for the week!  This week, I have a large list of goals (below), and will just check them off as I accomplish.  I don't really have them assigned to any particular day like I did last week.

  1. Purchase my free Kodak item
  2. Organize coupon box (it's a disaster in there!)
  3. Clean bathroom
  4. Cash Wise trip
  5. Target trip
  6. Create 3 free cards on Shutterfly (CODE: 3FREECARDS, exp 11/4)
  7. RSVP to baby shower (still haven't done this!!!)
  8. Make eye appointment
  9. Call dentist to change appointment
  10. Make Henry's 2 year picture appointment
  11. Determine if I want to order a gift card from MyPoints for Christmas shopping (MyPoints is a "click on this email and earn points to get free stuff / shop through our site and get points" program I belong to, I can send you a referral link if you are interested!  I've been a member for about 10 years and I really like it - if you join under me I get some bonus points too!)
  12. ShopKo trip / brainstorm costume ideas for Joe and I (any easy, cheap ideas?)
  13. Clean car
  14. Clean Henry's room
  15. Bring (*cough* dead *cough*) plants from outside in, clean pots, etc.
  16. Take Henry's penguin costume to sister-in-law
  17. Clean living room
  18. Pay bills
  19. Work on our December Disney vacation plans.  This is the #1 thing I actually plan to do this week - I have been neglecting the plans for a LONG time now, gotta get on the ball!  If nothing else gets done, this will!

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