Wednesday, October 28, 2009

WCI Thrift Shop

Today I had the opportunity to finally scope out the new thrift store in town.  It is a "West Central Industries" business, which means, (pulled from their website):

We provide employment training for hard working people who have disabilities, and then connect them with businesses in West Central Minnesota who need workers. We work with people from nine counties and have people working in over 113 businesses.

Good cause!

Good thrift shop!!!

I'm selective about my thrift shops.  I'll go into any of them, but am often very disappointed due to the price tags.  This is a TRUE THRIFT SHOP!  The prices were very low.  I purchased a brand new shirt for $2, a Pluto stuffed animal (tag still on) for a quarter for Henry, and a 1970's Walt Disney World book for another $0.25.  The store is chock full of vintage furniture and accessories.  I found a very awesome green chair for only $4!  I very much want(ed) it, but honestly do not have a spot.  There were crazy cool old-style kitchen chairs with chrome legs for a buck a piece!  A neat flowered plate and bowl for $2.  Really nutsy (and some just plain hideous) artwork, all priced around a buck or less.  The most expensive thing I saw was the $4 chair.

And they have sales.  Everyday it's something different.  Wednesday's Seniors get 50% off.

Nothing is clean and fancy, but it's a real thrift shop with real thrift shop prices.  I will be back!

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  1. WOW! If we come to the crazy corn festival next year, I would looooovvvee to check out this thrift shop with you :). Sounds AMAZING!