Saturday, November 21, 2009

$0.40/lb Turkeys at Cash Wise this week!

We have toy price wars and now turkey price wars!

This week at Cash Wise turkeys are $0.40/lb AFTER you purchase $25 worth of groceries - not counting the turkey - and pre-coupons.

Limit 1 per family.


  1. Really? I wish I would have found that! I totally missed it and not planning on going back to Cash Wise again until AFTER Thanksgiving - Darnit!

  2. They didn't have it last week, it's on this weeks flyer - so the ad that was for two weeks was a tad deceptive! The other item I noticed on a very quick look was the Pillsbury rolls were 2/$5 last week and are now 5/$6 ($1.20 each). I'm going to do a closer look later today and see if the prices changed on anything else too.

  3. I guess I will be too! Later today or tomorrow - Geez - changing things on us - LOL!! Go figure :)

  4. And I was kinda looking forward to a "weekend off"! LOL