Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baked French Fries, or, Oven Fries Recipe

I am NOT a fancy cook.

I like simple recipes with a few steps.

Wait, like?  Did I say "like"?

I LIKE my food served to me by a waiter or waitress, and I'll happily leave them a few bucks on the table for their service.

Unfortunately, the budget doesn't allow for too much of that anymore (though, we are fortunate that we can eat out at least once a week).  So, I seek out easy recipes-I'm still kind of a newb in the kitchen.

I came across this recipe in a magazine a while back.  Most of you probably already know it, but who knows, maybe I'm helping another kitchen newb!  Both Joe and I love it, and its super easy!  We also are big potato eaters here, so when we can eat them for fewer grams of fat and calories, we are all about it.

I cut up most of the 5lb bag of taters I picked up yesterday at the store, so I figured I would share the recipe with you!

  • Potatoes
  • Olive oil, or non-stick spray
  • Spices.  We like Mrs. Dash Extra Spicy.
Wash the potatoes.  Cut them in half the long way, then cut each half in half.  So you end up with 4 fries per potato.  You can actually cut them up however you would like.  It truly doesn't matter.  If we are making these fresh, I often make hubby slice the taters because knives scare me.  He uses the mandolin to slice them.

Put all the slices into a bowl, drizzle on some olive oil - I don't measure, just do a bit, enough to lightly coat the fries and make the spice stick.  If you are using the non-stick spray, spray a cookie sheet, then place your potatoes on a cookie sheet, and spray the potatoes.


Sprinkle your spices on top.  Again, I don't measure.  Whatever looks good. :)

If you are doing the bowl method, toss them a bit to even out the oil and the spice.  If doing the cookie sheet, just wing it!

Cook at 450 degrees for about 20 minutes until they are crispy looking.

Today, I made 63 french fries and froze them.  The olive oil method works great for freezing.  Just take them out and cook as normal.  It might take a few more minutes in the oven because they are frozen, but not by much.  You do not have to pre-cook them before freezing.  Just freeze them raw after you have tossed in oil and spices.  I have kept mine in the freezer for a month without any issues/taste change.

I can't wait to eat you my darlings!


  1. This is probably a dumb question but it just proves how bad of a cook I am: So just toss them in olive oil/spices and throw them in the freezer without cooking? Or cook them first, then freeze? And how long do these stay good in the freezer?

  2. That is a VERY good question.

    You don't have to cook them before freezing. Just toss in oil and spices and freeze away.

    I have kept them in the freezer for a month without any issues/taste change.

    (I'll edit the post to include this info! Thanks for bringing it up!)