Friday, February 12, 2010

Cheap, cheap, cheap Oatmeal at Target, ends tomorrow!

Thanks goes to Trista for the heads-up on this one!

At Target this week various Quaker items are "Buy 5, get a $5 gift card".  I had been reading that many Target's included their Instant Oatmeal cups (pictured above) with this deal; however, when I was at the Hutchinson Target they did not have a sign next to the oatmeal cups there...I thought they were not included.  Bummer!

After some email correspondence, new reader (and deal hunting friend!) Trista let me in on a secret.  When you scan an item at one of the price checker deals in the aisle, it will tell you if it's included in the $5 gift card deal.  Regardless if there is a sign or not....turns out the Brown Sugar flavor IS included (but not the Cinnamon Roll flavor...why?  I couldn't tell ya!).  Again, there is NO sign, but they do ring as part of the gift card deal!

The nitty gritty.  They are $1.02 each.  You pay $5.10 and get a $5.00 gift card back.  That's like paying just $0.10 total, or $0.02 each!



  1. there is also a printable for $1 off use back button and print two! And ends up being a $2 moneymaker!

  2. I tried to print that one, but it never did for me and I read about people having trouble with it....maybe I'll try again! :)