Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Free Full Size Sample of Aveeno Skin Care Stress Relief Body Lotion

Click HERE to request your full size sample of Aveeno Skin Care Stress Relief Body Lotion.  I'm expecting this one to disappear very quickly being it is a FULL size freebie!

I just tried and the page errored on me...and Henry has woken up as well - hopefully it will work for you!

ETA: A.Mickey notified me that when you get the error page, just hit "refresh" on your internet browser again and again until it goes through.  I had to do mine about 15 times.


  1. I read that this errors on alot of people, you just have to keep refreshing the page and it will finally work. I refreshed 30 times and it worked!

  2. Ahhh! Good to know. I'm going to try again this morning!

  3. Yahoo, it worked after about 15 times!