Friday, August 28, 2009

The $75 a Week Grocery Challenge

Mary from is running something she calls, the $75 a Week Grocery Challenge.

She encourages you to basically take your current grocery budget and slenderize it.  Be extra thrifty this month.  Don't buy things you don't truly need.  Don't impulse buy.  That sorta thing.

This is perfect timing for me with this new set goal of cutting our budget.  I like a challenge to fire me up!  Mary says she includes shampoo and the like in this $75/week; however, my goal is "grocery store items" only-which sometimes includes toiletries and baby items, but most often does not.

We usually measure our budget by pay period, so $150/pay period, or $300 for the entire month of September.  Our normal budget is $410, so a baby step, but a good start!  And since we get paid today, I will start it today and run it through September 25th (and hopefully in October, I will cut it down more).

When I post about our grocery haul, I will note the total spent so we can easily determine how well I do!

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