Thursday, August 27, 2009

Vacation Savings

I have seen it advertised around that is offering a great deal of 80% off their gift certificates with the code TASTE.  And I've thought about taking advantage, but just haven't.

Today, I got an email from MyPoints advertising the same thing.  I had compeltely forgotten I could not only snag a great deal of a $25 gift card only costing me $2, but I could earn points in my account as well!  I love MyPoints!  I've been a member for years and just redeemed again for a gift card to the Rainforest Cafe for Henry's birthday party.

Anyway, then the pot only got sweeter.

My Mother-in-Law came to visit this morning quickly to drop off some money for her plane ticket for our upcoming vacation to Disney World and New Orleans.  While in New Orleans we will be dining out on the town...what better time to take advantage of such a deal?!  PERFECT!

So, I did some SwagBucks searching, finding reviews of the various resturants that offered (earned a few SwagBucks doing the work too!) - and snagged myself 3 $25 giftcards for a total of $6.  Each of the restaurants require a minimum payment, but I figured with 5 adults, we'll hit that minimum without a problem.

So, not only did I earn points with MyPoints, and bucks with SwagBucks, but I also saved my family a wad of cold hard cash!  (If you are interested in learning more about the MyPoints or SwagBucks programs, just let me know-I can explain them in more detail...and if you sign up under me, I'll get some referral bonuses!)

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