Friday, August 28, 2009

Payday Friday

Joe and I work for the same company; therefore, we get paid on the same day - every other Friday.

Our new (and improved!) checklist for each payday, the new items are in bold.  Hopefully they will help us learn to live leaner:
  1. Put all bonus monies into savings immediately.
  2. Put half of my paycheck into savings immediately.
  3. Pay off Visa
  4. Pay all bills due in the next 2 weeks
  5. Run budget numbers
  6. Determine cash budget - we run on a cash budget for Grocery, Eating Out, Personal (toiletries), Gift, Gas, Clothing, and Entertainment
Today, $173 went into savings.  We haven't done half my paycheck yet because we have flights to purchase for our December vacation.  So........that item might start next pay period!

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