Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cash Wise Foods Deals

Hailing from the land of no double coupons, here are a few deals I found when briefly looking at the flyer for this week:

1) When you buy $25 worth of groceries, get 4 FREE Yoplait yogurt cups. Combine this with the 50 cents off 6 coupon found on COUPONS.COM and you've got 6 cups for about a buck, or less than 20 cents a piece! Or just stick to the 4 free if you aren't a big yogurt eater.

2) Lynden Farms (32 oz) Fries/Hashbrowns and Westpac 16 oz veggies on sale for 88 cents. I don't believe any recent coupons are out to make this any cheaper.

3) Sweet Corn 12 ears for $2.98. There are ways of freezing corn - Google to the rescue!

4) David's Bagels, 98 cents. These are normally right around $1.41.

5) Ragu Pasta Sauce, $1.28. I usually make my own sauce which only costs slightly less than this.

6) Kellogg's Eggo Waffles, 3/$5. Combine with $1/2 coupon from 8/2 RedPlum. You are paying about $1.67 a box.

7) Sunbelt Granola Bars, 3/$5. Normally $2.19 a box. This one bugs me. There have been a huge abundancy of printable Sunbelt coupons in recent months, yet now they are gone. And the one I had left, 55 cents off, expired two days ago.

8) Pop Secret, 2/$5. Combine 8/16 SmartSource, 50 cents off 2. $2.25 a box-not a great bargain, but still a deal if you are a pop corn eater.

9) Much of the Food Club brand cans are on sale. Easy to stock up on basics here. I like the 2/88 cents Tomato Soup, and the 4/$3 Cream soups for crock-pot cooking.

10) Gold n' Plump Best O Fryer, BOGO with In Store coupon. Free poultry is always a good deal! Too bad I skeeve out at bone in.

11) Kotex Pads, 2/$5. Pantyliners or Pads work here, so take the two 8/23 Smart Source coupons, $1/1 Pads, 75 cents/Pantiliners and you are paying $1.63 per box. OR, if you just need one or the other, skip the second box and just take the one deal! Pantiliners would run you at $1.75 and Pads would run you at $1.50.

12) I also noticed the Organic Fruit Leather's are 2/88 cents. That seems like a pretty good bargain for a snack that fits in your purse and is healthy (and your child won't realize it's healthy!)

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