Saturday, September 26, 2009

$0.01 Arby's Coupons!

No, that's not 1 cent off, it's for getting various things at Arby's for $0.01!

Arby's has really been cranking out the deals lately with their all-summer-long free-item Wednesdays, now this great campagin.

The coupons are in Saturday's Hutchinson Shopper (and I'm guessing all over the State/Nation as well), when you purchase a certain item, you get what is on the coupon for just $0.01!

For example, you buy any sandwich at regular price, and you can get sidekickers for a penny.  Or get a Roastburger for a penny when you buy fries and a drink (does not specify size) at regular price.

How does that slogan go..."I'm thinkin' Arby's"? ;-)

These coupons do not expire until October 31.

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