Monday, September 21, 2009

Free Cards

Somewhere along the line within the past month, I found a link to request 2 free greeting cards from Hallmark.  I really should have shared the link...if I can find it, I will if the cards are still available.

Anyway, I got them in the mail this past week and they are really cute!

The first one is to send to another Mom and it has a picture of a woman at the fridge, it reads:

"Sure we're busy, but we can still feed our kids well-rounded meals.  Pizza...toaster waffles...bologna...doughnuts..."

You open it, and:

"How are things at your house?"
I about busted out laughing (while at work) when I read this.

Guess what Henry had for breakfast this morning?????!

The second card is a picture of a frog and it reads,

"I found this smile..."

You open it, and:

"...and thought you could use it!"

It's meant to give to your child as they embark on the first day of school.  While Henry is too young for school, this greeting card is generic enough to send to a friend who needs a pick-me-up.

I fully expected lame cards-but these are really great!  Thanks Hallmark!  (and Wal*

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