Friday, September 25, 2009

Pay Day Friday

It's Pay Day again!  Always a happy day. ;)

Last night Joe crunched the budget and then procceded to move over $1500 into savings!  This was his bonus money and my entire paycheck.

Why are we moving my entire paycheck?

Because we are preparing ourself for October 16....better known as "My last day at work"!

Yes!  I quit my job!  Today's economy tells me not to quit; however, I must follow what God has called me to do, and that is stay at home and raise my child (and any future children).

It is time.

And I'm psyched!

That has been the point of all this penny-pinching - preparing ourselves to make it possible for this event - and we did it.

With no child care costs, we will save over $400 a month.
Without having to drive over 60 miles 4 times a week, we should save a bit on gas costs.
With couponing, I have easily cut the grocery budget down $200 a month.
With being at home, I am hoping the temptation for dining out with let up some.  I can start to prepare meals earlier in the day.  Granted there will be somedays I'm exhausted and just want a meal served to me by a smiling server; but, I'm hoping those days are fewer.  My current job is demanding.  INCREDIBLY so - I'm fried at the end of a day and the last thing I want to do is dirty my kitchen, cook for 30 minutes and then have to clean it all the time it's all done, it's 8:30 and time for Henry to go to bed.  Not fun.  I'm hoping that will change some.

I am going to have to plan more.  Plan for big expenses like Christmas, birthday gifts and vacations.
We won't be going to Disney World 3 times in a year.
I will have to look at the prices of things.
I'll have to think ahead.

Instead I get to teach my child new things.
I get to play with him.
I get to see life through his eyes.
I get to train him, shape him and provide the proper envrionment for him to grow up in.  (our child care provider does an amazing job--but it's not home....)
We are obeying God and my family will reap the bounty of that obedience.
And I am certain both Joe and I will learn how to rely on the provision of God a bit more during this time.  A wonderful lesson to learn and experience.

The rewards are unending.

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