Saturday, September 26, 2009

Cash Wise Foods Coupon Match Ups and Deals 9/27-10/3

I enjoyed tearing through the Shopper tonight, and found quite a few great deals at Cash Wise!

Free items this week wyb $25 worth of groceries before coupons:
Food Club Saltine Crackers
2 Cans of Food Club Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soups

Oscar Mayer Meat - Bologna, Cotto Salami, or Meat Wieners
Sale price 2/$3.76
In-Store Coupon $2/2
8/23 SS $1/2 (hot dogs)
Final Cost $0.76/2, $0.38 each

Hunt's Manwich, $0.77
Free Cash Wise buns wyb 3
3/$2.31 + free buns
Buy 2 Get 1 Free coupon from September All*You
Final Cost, 3/$1.54 ($0.51 each) + free buns

Oscar Mayer Lunchables 9.4-11.7 oz, 2/$4
In-Store Coupon $2/2
8/23 SS, or $1.00/1 (must have water, not sure if CW carries these?)
As low as 2/$1, $0.50 each

Hot or Lean Pockets, 6/$10, $1.67 each
8/23 RP $1.00/3
3/$4.01, $1.34 each
(if you buy these regularly, you may also have a Catalina coupon)

General Mills Cereals Trix, Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms or Honey Nut Cheerios, 2/$4
8/16 SS $1/2 (Cheerios) or
$1/2 (Cookie Crisp, Lucky Charms, Trix) I think also has/d this coupon
9/13 SS $1/3 (all on sale are included with this coupon)
$0.55/1 (Trix)
$0.55/1 (Honey Nut Cheerios)
$0.75/1 (Cheerios)

As low as $1.25 per box
This is a good deal, however, Econo has GM Cereal also on sale-slightly higher-but you can get up $4.50 (or 2 gallons) of milk free-so Econo has a better deal overall...unless you have Catalina making this deal even better at CW.

Orville Redenbacher's Microwave Popcorn
BOGO with In-Store Coupon
8/2 SS $0.40/1

Unsure of Final Cost - price not listed in ad

Buy 5 Special K items, get $5.00 off with In-Store Coupon has a great assortment of Special K coupons
Depending on what you buy and what coupons you have, save up to $5 more
Unsure of Final cost - prices on Special K goods not listed in ad

No-Coupon Deals
Red Seedless Grapes, $0.98 lb.

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa $0.77
Free Food Club Marshmallows wyb 3
3/$2.31 + free marshmallows
(anyone know where some Swiss Miss coupons are?)

Banquet Frozen Meals, $0.77
Free Food Club Soda wyb 3
3/$2.31 + free soda
(anyone know of Banquet coupons?  I thought there was one...but I'm not seeing it)

Gold'n Plump Chicken Thighs or Drumsticks, 24 oz pkg, $2.00 each

Oscar Mayer Lunch Meats, 2/$6
In-Store Coupon, $2/2
Final Cost, 2/$4, $2.00 each (coupons anyone?)

Kemps Singles Frozen Treats, 10/$8.88, $0.89 each

Pillsbury Cake Mix, $0.88

Pillsbury Ready to Spread Frosting, $0.98

Hass Avocados, $0.88

*if you plan to buy Tide, Charmin or Coke 12 packs, get it from Target for a better deal

*if you plan to buy the Campbell's Soups, get it from Econo for a better deal

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