Monday, November 2, 2009

Coborn's Double Coupon Mondays

In case you happen to be in St. Cloud or another town with a Coborn's...every Monday through the end of the year, Coborn's is doing double coupons for up to 10 coupons, up to $0.50 face value!  That means if you have a $0.50 coupon, it will count as $1.00 off the item.

Rainbow Foods is the only other store I know of that does double coupons.  Every Wednesday, up to 5 coupons, up to $1.00 in face value once you have spent $25 retail (not the sale price of an item).  Sounds so confusing to me-but it would be worth figuring out if I were near a Rainbow on a regular basis, I'm sure it would mean plenty of free stuff!


  1. The Coborn's in Glencoe doubles coupons everyday and triples coupons every Monday until the end of the year.

  2. I have a question regarding doubles. If you have a coupon for $.50 off 2, does that become $1 off 2?

  3. That is SO fantastic about the Coborn's in Glencoe! I forgot about that Coborn's completely. Thank you for sharing this information!! I will look up their ad online and do match-ups for them as well this week. I'm psyched about the triples on Wednesday!

    Yep, on doubles, a $0.50/2 coupon would become $1.00/2. A triple would be $1.50/2! Incredible!