Monday, November 2, 2009

This Week's Goals

Last week I did okay goal wise.  This week I hope to do better.  Here are the carry-overs from last week,  some new ones, and some that will appear every week!  I've gotten a couple done already.

  1. Clean bathroom
  2. Cash Wise trip
  3. Econo Foods trip
  4. Target trip
  5. RSVP to baby shower (still haven't done this-I stink!!!!)
  6. Make eye appointment
  7. Call dentist to change appointment
  8. Make Henry's 2 year picture appointment
  9. Finish cleaning Henry's room (I got his closet done last week, yay!)
  10. Bring (*cough* dead *cough*) plants from outside in, clean pots, etc.
  11. Clean living room
  12. Laundry
  13. Work on "to do" folder
  14. Work on email's almost 200 again.  Sigh.
  15. Catch up on this blog!  I have oodles of stuff I want to post! :)
Last week I taught Henry about Noah and the ark.  Just the very first part where God tells Noah to build the "BIG boat" and put the animals on the "BIG boat!"  He really got into it!  It was a blast!  I took some of his bath boat toys and placed some of his toy animals on them to visualize it for him, and he truly understood.  By the end of the week I was asking, "Why did Noah build the boat?"  His answer, "God."

[and my heart melts]

We also read a children's book on the story, and we took a laundry basket, pretended it was a boat, and placed every animal toy we could find on the "boat".

This week I will be teaching him about how it rained and how God kept Noah and the animals safe.  I am going to put one of his toy boats in the bathtub and turn on the shower to show how it rains and the boat will stay afloat.  Water + todder = great fun!!  We'll have to play with soap after the Bible time too...he he.

Any other ideas to help teach this story?  We'll probably re-read the children's book...perhaps there is something on YouTube that I can find too.  Hmmm.

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