Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Shopping at Aldi's

Many people have probably never hard of a grocery store called Aldi's.

But, where I grew up in a suburb of Chicago, Aldi's was right down the street and the store we went to most often.  I didn't realize it as a child, but it is a discount grocery store.  When we moved to Minnesota, my Mom would drive to Iowa a couple times a year for a HUGE shopping trip at Aldi's.  It was that good. (and I'm hoping it still is!)

Last week when I was in St. Cloud for a birthday party of a dear friend's little one, I noticed the beautiful glowing blue letters from a building "ALDI'S"


It was late at night.  We weren't going in, but ooooh, I wanted to.

Turns out, the store wasn't even open yet!  My friend called just the other day and said she got a flyer in the mail about the new Aldi's store.  It is opening this weekend, a grand opening that I am sure will be coupled with crazy good deals!  Too bad we are going to be out of town!!!

If you are curious about Aldi's, check out the "Newbies Guide to Aldi's" --> HERE <-- as this is not a traditional American grocery store.  (I don't recall the bit about the grocery cart, but I do remember my Mom bringing her own bags and grabbing boxes off the shelves...)

When I make it over there, I will be sure to report back on my deals!


  1. Some stuff there is more expensive then regular stores. But they sell milk here in IL for 1.79/gallon! And I love their saltine crackers for 89 cents/box!

  2. Ah, thank you for the heads-up on what to expect. I figured since they don't take coupons, some things would end up being higher, but it is VERY hard to beat $1.79 for milk and $0.89 for saltines!!