Monday, November 2, 2009

Current Target Halloween Markdowns

A quick note...I was at Target this morning and noticed all Halloween costumes and decor are 50%.  Halloween candy is 30% off.

I didn't buy too much, I did find a 20 pack of mini Play-Doh's, meant for trick-or-treaters, to make a great stocking stuffer for Henry.  $2.50.  And I got him a plastic pumpkin bucket to put his candy in next year, $0.49.

The candy was still too expensive for my taste, even with the Target printable coupons found --> HERE <-- (these don't expire until 11/17).  I am waiting until they are less than a buck a bag, they have TONS left!!

I did also spot a 2 pack of Halloween Bounty for $1.59.  Good price!  Pair it with the $0.25 found in the 11/1 inserts for an even better deal.

A friend called and reported Wal*Mart also has all of their Halloween items, including candy, for 50% off.  I might venture over there tonight to scope out the costumes.

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