Monday, November 9, 2009

Coborn's TRIPLE Coupons

Tonight I am beyond excited to drive to Glencoe and take advantage of the TRIPLE coupons the Glencoe Coborn's is doing on Mondays--and they double everyday!!  They will triple anything up to $0.50 face value-so it becomes $1.50 off.  I believe they will do this up to 10 coupons.  I am not certain if they will take a higher value coupon, say $0.60 and just make that $1.50 as well?  I will try to find out.  And a HUGE thank you to the poster who gave me the tip!

My plan is to go through the store and look at the tags for anything $2.00 and under that I would have a coupon for.  I have printed oodles of coupons from HERE, HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE.

I am hoping for some cheap/near free Green Giant veggies, Betty Crocker potatoes, Yoplait, Betty Crocker frosting, cereal and more.  I have a huge stash of coupons that I will go through as I shop.  It's probably going to take a very long time, and I'm going to be exhausted...but, I'm really excited about it all!!  I will report back with my deals.

I do see a few good deals with the ad online.  Please let me know if I missed anything great!

$1.50 Dole Premium Classic Salads
$1.00/2 printable HERE (I am not entirely certain if this is the same or not?)
Final Price, $2.00 for 2, or $1.00 each
If they will go to $1.50 for the triple coupon, $1.50 for 2 or $0.75 each

$5.99 Gold N' Plump Chicken, 2.375 pounds family pack boneless
$0.75 printable HERE
Final Price, $5.24
Tripled to $1.50 - Final Price, $4.49
(I really hope they will go to $1.50 on this, nice price!)

Buy $20 worth of participating Pillsbury, Hungry Jack, Crisco or Dunkin' Donuts products, get $5.00 off (usually these details have to be RETAIL price, pre-coupons!)

$1.89 Hungry Jack Pancake Mix
11/8 RP $0.55
Final Price, $1.34
Tripled to $1.50, Final Price, $0.39

$2.79 Crisco Vegetable Oil
11/8 RP $0.55
Final Price, $2.24
Tripled to $1.50, Final Price, $1.29

$6.99 Dunkin' Donuts Coffee

$1.69 Rice Krispies
$1.00/2 printable HERE
Final Price, $2.38 for 2, or $1.19 each

Triple to $1.50, $1.88 for 2, or $0.94 each

Purchase any 5 General Mills cereals and get $5.00 off
Final Price will vary, but you should be able to get some cheap cereal!

$2.49 Kemp's Milk, gallon
BOGO Kemp's Ice Cream, half gallon square
$1.69 Country Hearth Honey Wheat Bread
$1.00 Little Sizzlers

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