Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Menards Rebates and Free items

This morning Henry and I made a "quick" stop at Menards.

By quick, I mean an hour!  lol

Since I have extra money in the "household" fund this week, I decided to pick up a new toilet seat for my bathroom since mine cracked a while back.  Not necessary, but it will look better.  And since we have the extra money this week, now is a good time!  I found a nice one on clearance for $5.99, then I opted to get a pretty mantle style clock on sale for $5.99 that will look great in our basement.  Since that is over $10, I now qualified for their items that are free after rebate....

This week the have a handsaw that is $10, and then free after rebate.  And an indoor/outdoor rug that is $3.00, and free after rebate.  Joe didn't need the saw, and couldn't think of anyone who does, so I just got the rug.

Then I picked up a few other things:
  • 2 sets of white Christmas lights, $1.99 each.  $1.00 rebate on each.  $0.99 each.
  • 1 3' Christmas tree, on sale for $9.99.  $3.00 rebate.  $6.99
  • Glade Soy Candle, $2.49.  $1.00 manny coupon (I cannot recall where from, sorry!), $1.50 rebate - free!
  • Glade scented oil candle and refill pack.  $1.95 each.  Used 11/1 SS manny, BOGO.  $1.95 for both.
I have a couple other of the BOGO Glade candles, along with the coupons I mentioned HERE, that I may use at Target to take advantage of the $5 gift card deal.

The neat thing about these Menards rebates, is they are in a check form that you can use at Menards, to roll into the next freebie--or for things you truly need, get them "free".  I'll be getting a total of $9.50 back this time.

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