Monday, November 9, 2009

Results of my Coborn's Triple Coupons Trip

Well, I'd like to say I made a great sweep....but I didn't.

I found really high prices, and not too many deals that I cared to take advantage of.  Some of the prices, even with a double/triple coupon were still higher than I'm used to paying.  With that said, I think I did alright.  However, I won't be making a special trip to Glencoe unless the ad has something fantastic in it.

I did find the policy to be the following:
  • Coborn's will double, triple on Monday's, any coupon up to $0.50 in face value.
  • If the coupon is labeled "DO NOT DOUBLE/TRIPLE" they will not.
  • If a coupon is higher than $0.50 in value, it will double/triple up to the max, $1.00 on doubles, $1.50 on triples.
  • You can use up to 10 coupons in the double/triple event.
Here is what we ended up with:
4 gallons of Kemps Select milk at $2.49 each.  Decent price.  No coupons.
Final price, $9.96

2 family packs of Gold N Plump boneless skinless chicken breasts, priced at $5.99 each.
2 $0.75 printable here, doubled to $1.50 off each.
Final price, $8.98 for almost 5 pounds of chicken.  Pretty nice price.

2 Starbucks Frappachinos, priced at $2.49 each - they are the larger sized ones.
2 $1.00 printables that are no longer available, doubled to $1.50 off each.
Final price, $0.99 each.  Guilty pleasure. :)

1 Hot Pocket, priced at $1.67.
$0.50 manny, tripled to $1.50
Final Price, $0.17.

1 Nestle Semi-Sweet Morsels, priced at $1.99
$0.50 manny, tripled to $1.50
Final Price, $0.49

Our total was $21.58

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