Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Turn $40 worth of change into $50

We have a coin cup that I throw all our spare change in.  It recently got full, so we started another one.  I didn't really have a plan with this money when I started it, but, I am pretty certain it will be going toward Christmas presents this year.

There are several Coinstar machines around town - Econo Foods, Wal*Mart, and Cash Wise all have these machines that will count your money.  If you ask for cash back, you will be charged $0.09 to the dollar; however, you can also trade your change in for a e-certificate to a number of various vendors.  Amazon, iTunes, JCPenny and more - and you won't be charged the $0.09 per dollar fee.

Now through December 6, if you take $40 worth of change to one of these machines and select to have it as a e-certificate, you will get $50!!

What a great deal!

Click HERE for Coinstar's website about the program.

Thank you to Karen for the info!

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