Sunday, October 18, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

It is SUNDAY, and I'm doing Menu Plan MONDAY!  Shocker!!!  I'm ahead of the game.
(but only in this department, you don't even want to see my kitchen...)

Today is my first week as a Stay At Home Mom.  I'm hopefully going to stick closer to the plans than in previous weeks. :)

Here is what I have in mind for this week:

-Southwest Roll-ups with spanish rice and tortilla chips (thanks Money Saving Mom for the recipe!)

-Turkey sloppy joes with mashed potatoes (hubby made mashed potatoes that are soooo good.  We froze a bunch too!) and veggie

-Chicken burgers with baked potato fries and veggie

-Chicken stir-fry with rice (or maybe I will do Orange Chicken.  I've been meaning to, for a surprise for hubby, but haven't yet!)

-Eggs, bacon, pancakes, fried potatoes

-Eat out

-I am near certain I have a pot roast in the deep freeze.  If so, pot roast in the crock with baked potatoes, veggie.  If we don't...uh...well...perhaps Chicken Parmesan!

Lots of chicken.  I am hoping turkey and ham goes on sale soon. :)

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