Sunday, October 18, 2009

ShopKo Toy and Halloween Sale

I noticed in this week's flyer, ShopKo is having a Buy 1, get 1 50% off on ALL their toys.
They also have their Halloween/Fall items on sale for 50% off.

I headed over there this afternoon during Henry's nap to scope out what I might find.

There is a big selection of costumes!  The costumes original prices are INSANE!  No way, no how would I spend $40 on a costume!  I could barely choke up to hand $20 over for one.  But I did.  And it's cute.  And it fits well.  And Henry loves it.  I'm sure he'll wear it for dress-up in the future.  So, it's almost worth $20.  He's be stylin' at the church Harvest Party in a couple weeks.

I also found a ton of toys on clearance.  For Christmas, I purchased a Mr. Potato Head ($6.99) with a $2.00 coupon found here, and a Cars book that has a steering wheel, and tons of noises, for $10.  The book was a bit steep, but I  know he'll enjoy it.  ShopKo also had the DanceCam (on clearance for $29.99-the coupon is for another $10 off!), the Glow Worm and DinoRoars you can find coupons for all of those here.

I may go back and purchase a few more toys, the DinoRoars for my nephew possibly.  2 Matchbox cars would only be about $1.50 and they make great stocking stuffers.  ShopKo also has quite a few Leapster items on clearance that may end up being a great deal paired with the coupons I mentioned here.

Overall, a costume and two toys for $37.  The original cost would have been over $50.  I wasn't thrilled with the final cost, but I know they are all things we will use, and my little one will enjoy--better than spending less money on things he won't like!

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