Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday's Goals

I didn't forget about putting up today's goals-but I just haven't gotten to it! :)

It's been a busy morning.  Joe woke up with some eye pain, so he's been taking it easy at work, which means we've been running all over and I haven't been on the computer much.

Today's goals are:
-Get email to under 50 - I didn't get this done yesterday.  I'm down to about 74.
-Clean kitchen.  I clean my kitchen everyday, but this is scrubbbbbbbing.  Front of cabinets, behind the coffee pot, under the toaster, floor, etc.
-RSVP to a friend's baby shower (to do folder)
-Run to Cash Wise to take advantage of the Morton System Saver deal and give them the coupon for the free 4 cups of yogurt I forgot to give them on Tuesday.  Oops!  That's $2!
-Print a whole mess of coupons
-Get $0.02 stamps - this is done!  Finally!  I also mailed out the rebate for the Johnson's Bath Toy that I spoke of -->  HERE <--

And speaking of Johnson's Baby Products, in case you don't have the $1 off coupon from the 9/13 RP, $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge posted a link to a printable located --> HERE <--, thanks!!

I'll be sure to post a blog when I receive the bath toy!

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