Friday, October 23, 2009

Target Printable Candy Coupons

A whole slew of new Target printable coupons can be found --> HERE <--

There are a bunch for bags of candy, so if you haven't purchased Halloween candy yet, these should help make a good deal!  Also, they don't expire until 11/7, so watch for after Halloween sales to use these on.

My church has a Harvest Party for the kids (and the kids at heart!), and they ask for donations of bagged candy, so I have been collecting the various Target coupons and newspaper coupons to stack with in hopes of a great sale this week.  We'll see!

I was at Wal*Mart earlier and saw their candy was $2.50 per bag.  Target's is $2.59 (when not on sale), so paired with these coupons Target has the better deal.

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