Sunday, October 18, 2009

Taco John's Deals

 The other night we went to Taco John's for dinner.

I wasn't too excited about eating here at first - but it truly turned into a great meal!

First, if you go to you can join their Potato Oles Maniac's and receive a free, any size, Potato Oles on your next purchase!

Second, the Taco John's here in Hutchinson is offering great deals all week long.  You can find discounted meal items any day of the week ranging from $0.69 to just over a $1.00.  Pair this with the free Oles and you've got a cheap meal!

Third, though I am not a student, I thought this was a great deal - the "Starving Student" combo.  $2.99 will buy you a taco, small Oles and a small drink.  Everyday.  Just show your student ID.

And fourth, there was a sign in the bathroom that made me grin.  Next to the sink it mentioned that all employees must wash their hands if they go into the bathroom for ANY reason.  Any at all.  In addition to that, they also must wash their hands a second time at the sink in the kitchen.  I like me a clean restaurant.

And the service was excellent to boot!

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